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Robin and Connor both fight against her institutionalization -- Connor hires a cutthroat attorney to secure her release, and takes his frustrations about the situation out on Dr. Charles. When Robin is released, she goes home with Connor. Everything seems okay at first, but he wakes up in the middle of the night to her destroying the loft while fighting an imaginary threat. She reacts poorly to his presence, and locks her self out on the balcony. 

Daniel feels beaten down by Robin's diagnosis and by every one's seeming lack of trust in him. He tells Sarah that he'd understand if she would like to continue her residency under another attending, a comment that she's sure to take the wrong way.

When Jeff announces that he received his first choice for a match, everyone assumes that he meant the Gaffney ED. It's not until a triumphant Noah shows up crowing about securing the Med spot that Nat and the others find out that he's heading to Hawaii. Nat seems conflicted about his departure; whether this is because she still had feelings for Jeff or because it's coming on the heels of a rejection from Will is unclear. He leaves without saying goodbye, and she ends up getting a new haircut.

Will and Nat treat a young teenage girl with curious symptoms; tests eventually reveal that a strain of herpes is causing encephalitis. Jay is called in to investigate. The step father is the original suspect, but Jay dismisses him after he is extremely willing to cooperate. Jay and Nat finally put together that the girls orthodontist raped her while she went in to have braces put on; the girl was sedated and has no memory of the assault. Will invites Nat to join him, Nina and Will at Mollies to destress from the case; everybody likes her hair.

The owner of the Hawaiian bar comes in with a nail in his foot; Jeff diagnoses him with diabetes. He tries to leave the hospital, opting for denial rather than treatment but Maggie stops him. She sends Sharon in for a visit because the hospital administrator also has diabetes and has been managing it well for 14 years.

April and Choi treat a patient who refuses to be treated -- he needs brain surgery to relieve the intracranial pressure from a subdural hematoma, but refuses because he has ALS. The hematoma will be a faster and less painful way to die. Neither April nor Choi react well to being informed about his DNR. Choi eventually comes around when he does the math, and offers the patient heparin to treat his DIC when he continues to refuse the brain surgery. April calls the heparin assisted suicide, but accepts the patients decision after talking to him.


Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

April: Let's hope. Barborleta blanca. [Ethan looks confused] It means white butterfly in Portuguese.
Ethan: Yeah, that doesn't clear things up.

Connor [about Robin]: Committed against her will? She can't even shower by herself. That is some therapeutic process.
Daniel: I think we all wish this could have happened differently, but, you know, at least she's getting the care that she needs, and she's safe and secure.
Connor: No. She's locked up. In prison. It's not the same thing.