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Will and Nat prepare for their first date, but Will changes the plan at the last minute. It's even more romantic than his first idea!

The couple works together treating a pregnant woman who is severely malnourished when she comes in with an arrhythmia. Her baby is severely underdeveloped due to her strict diet and they try to get the ethics board to allow them to force feed her. the ethics board denies the request, and Nat takes matters into her own hands, breaking the patients already tenuous trust. She later apologizes and makes a connection with the woman by relating her own experiences as a mother. They end up having to do a crash cesarean, and the baby is taken to the NICU for care. 

Ethan and April hit a bump in their relationship when they disagree about how to care for a long time patient of her's. April feels like he is dismissing her because she's "just" a nurse, but Ethan is listening to his instincts. Things become tense enough that Maggie has to interfere. Choi's hunch was right, and the patient turns out to have lung cancer. He and April make up.

Noah acknowledges that he's been harassing Sarah, but continues to do so, saying he'll only stop bothering her for a date when she agrees to go for a drink. 

Sarah shows little patience for a patient who deliberately overdosed herself on insulin to get out of divorce court. Daniel sends her back, and she thinks she's made a breakthrough with the woman, but then realizes it was a ruse to steal her prescription pad. Daniel tries to talk to her about not letting her fear interfere with treating patients, but when Sarah finds her tires slashed, she's right back to mistrusting patients.

Robin's issues are stressing Connor out -- she's getting him up at all hours of the night, and almost burns the apartment down. When a patient bounces back with a valve leak, the cardio-thoracic team assumes that Connor screwed up somehow. Latham wants to manage the patient with drugs, but they have issues finding the right combination and levels. Connor wants to go in and repair the valve, and gives the man enough information that he presses Latham to do so. Latham is upset, and bans Connor from surgery. While observing, Connor realizes that the problem was not with his work, but with the valve. Latham is impressed, and lets him back into the OR. 


Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Daniel: Doesn't that kind of fly in the face of being a trusted community institution? You know, putting up barriers between us and the people that we're trying to help?
Sharon: One of those people shot you in the gut, Daniel.
Daniel: Yeah, outside the hospital. What kind of detector's gonna stop that?

Will: Is that what you're wearing tonight?
Nat: It's a brand new Chiara Boni!
Will: I mean, no, it's probably fine. If you think it's fancy enough for the corner table at Alinea.
Nat: Are you kidding? That's like the toughest reservation in town.
Will: "GQ" says 97% of relationships are decided on the first date.