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Sarah seems to be conquering her unease in the workplace with the help of a can of pepper spray in her pocket...at least until she maces a patient instead of calling for help. The incident leads to her suspension, but also a diagnosis for the man, who otherwise would not have received a full body MRI as a way to cover the hospitals liability. Daniel is MIA during this whole situation, but once he sees all the missed calls, he heads over to Sarah's apartment to comfort her. 

Robin gets caught shoplifting at Connor's father's store. She's not arrested, but the incident leaves both of them shaken. Robin confronts Connor about his need to fix everything and everyone; his response is to reassert control of her treatment by accusing Sarah of not doing her job properly and insisting on a bevy of tests. Robin calls Daniel to let him know what's going on, and confesses that she's sick of being pitied by everybody. Daniel, always a psychiatrist, listens to what his daughter says and then asks her what she wants to do to reassert control of her life. He assists her in her plan to leave Chicago, though he does insist that she contact Connor when she's settled. When Connor arrives back at the apartment to find Robin cleared out, he accuses Daniel of being the instigator behind her departure because he never liked their relationship. When Daniel refuses to tell Connor where Robin went (at her request), Connor becomes even more upset and insists that he'll track her down and bring her back. 

Frustrated with a shortage of ED nursese, Maggie comes up with a plan to get more insured patients through the ED doors -- bribe the EMTs. She convinces Sharon to give her the "startup" money to buy a large TV, some comfy chairs, and some video games in addition to stocking the room with pizza and other snacks. Stohl is disappointed that the TV isn't for the doctor's lounge. 

Nat and April treat a woman who was sterilized without her knowledge or consent when she was 14. The woman's mother agreed to the procedure when a judge gave her the ultimatum of having the girl sterilized or sent to jail. April doesn't think they should tell their patient the details in order to spare the relationship between the two, but Nat recognizes that she deserves to finally have some agency over her own body. 

Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Connor: You should eat. You'll feel better.
Robin: You take good care of me. I guess you do that for all your patients.
Connor: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey. You are not my patient. I love you.
Robin: Do you? Because I wouldn't love me. I'd get rid of me.

Will: I respect LeBron James. I admire LeBron James, but comparing him to Michael Jordan? C'mon.
Nat: You only think that because you're a Chicago chauvinist.