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Sarah cooperates with the police to prove the case against her father, but that leads her to decide to leave Gaffney. She's aware of the ostracism she faces, but more importantly feels like her relationship with Daniel has been irreparably damaged. Daniel tries to convince her to stay but can't and he ends up taking his frustration out on others. After snapping at a new med student, he apologizes but then later heads to the prison where her father is being held and taunts him. 

Sharon and the new COO Gwen are not off to a great start. After losing a patient, Conor has an idea for an OR in the ED. The board, under Gwen's guidance, declines to fund the project. Ava, who is upset at the prospect of Conor's departure, goes to his father to secure private funding for the new venture. Because so many prominent donors are involved in the financing, the board feels compelled to go ahead with the project after all. Gwen thinks that Sharon is behind the move and, thinking that Dr. Stohl is a lackey of Sharon's, announces that they won't be renewing his contract. To Ava's delight, Conor will be staying in Chicago. 

Choi is still upset about the breakup with April but is supportive of Emily's attempts at recovery. April doesn't think that AA is enough, but accepts Emily's amends. When Emily is brought into the ED, everyone is shocked that she's pregnant. Choi overreacts and yells at her, calling her irresponsible. He tells April that she can't have the baby and April brings up her pro-life stance. Nobody talks to Emily about what she wants to do. 

Will and Nat are in engagement bliss -- until Will starts trying to plan a big blowout of a wedding and Nat states her preference for something small and informal. Will accuses her of not really wanting to get married, ignores her feelings, and storms off. Nat eventually capitulates, taking over the responsibility of finding a caterer. 

We meet two new medical students, Elsa who sees no point in practicing patient care because she intends to do research and lab work and Terry who seems to have a good heart but clearly isn't the best in his class. 

Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Patient: You a doctor?
Terry: Medical student.
Patient: Hmm. You're a big guy. What's the matter, couldn't play football?

Conor: Why don't you just admit it? You're going to miss me.
Ava: Miss the most egotistical, ambitious, and arrogant man I've ever met? Hardly.