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April and Choi treat a boy in kidney failure whose father is under arrest for kidnapping him. Choi arranges to have him stay at the hospital while they determine a course of treatment for the boy. The kid ends up needing a kidney transplant and the father is the only match with 500 miles, but Gwen refuses to let the transplant happen at Gaffney. She thinks that the father is too high a risk for a bad outcome because he'll be going to jail shortly. Choi tries to arrange the transplant at another hospital, but before he hears back the State Attorney insists that the father is taken to jail. The team convinces the officers to uncuff the man so he can say goodbye to his son and when he comes out of the room he grabs one of the officer's weapons. He demands that they perform the transplant and then shoots himself in the head. Lanik, who had backed up Gwen's play, starts to doubt her methods. 

Colin has a patient with a dissected aorta, but there are no CT OR's available and IR is backed up. Even though it's not ready, he opens up his new hybrid OR to examine the man, dragging Maggie in to be his scrub nurse. The news isn't good, and he decides to operate then and there, throwing Ava out of his OR when she objects. The procedure ends up fine in the end and Connor tries to apologize to the CT attending, but she's having none of it, revealing that she's not mad that he threw her out but that he risked throwing away the new project. Connor offers Maggie a position as a regular scrub nurse in the hybrid OR. 

Natalie treats an ectopic pregnancy with Elsa's assistance...or rather, her interference. The medical student's lack of people skills extends to a complete discrediting of the patient's beliefs and wishes. The woman had been trying to get pregnant for 12 years and views this pregnancy as a miracle. She refuses to terminate, insisting that God won't let her miracle baby die. Elsa is outspoken with Natalie and Daniel about her viewpoint that the woman is delusional and they should ignore her wishes. Later, Elsa gets the woman to agree that if the fetus dies she'll allow them to operate. When things become dire for her, Elsa performs the ultrasound and does not detect a heartbeat, a finding that is refuted by the surgical team. Daniel suspects that Elsa hacked the machine somehow in order to achieve the outcome she preferred. 

Will does a house call for an old neighborhood friend and manages to get the older man to rent him a reception hall at a good deal. The man basically blackmails him into continuing on as his physician, even though he needs a cardiologist and not someone in emergency medicine. Things get more complicated when Jay shows up at Med to tell Will he needs to back off, that the man is at the center of an FBI/PD joint investigation for some serious crimes. 


Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Sharon: You didn't consult me on this.
Gwen: It seems to be your mission to fight me on everything. Until that changes, I'm going to be making some decisions unilaterally.

Lanik: What did we do?
Gwen: You are a physician, Dr. Lanik. You know that you don't always get the outcome you want. But that doesn't mean the decision was wrong.