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WIll goes to talk to Natalie, who apologizes for being late. She says she feels great and is fine. There is a toddler in Treatment 6 with a bloody nose. Lanic wants her to take it. Natalie is angry at Will because she thinks he thinks she can't handle real work.

Noah and Choi talk about Noah's residency.with Marcel. Noah says it's intense just before Marcel shows up. Noah leaves. Ethan is worried.

Daniel can't go to coffee with Cici because he gets paged. Cici insists on going to coffee with Goodwin, who has a meeting in 20 minutes.

Maggie takes off her earrings and her hairband. She combs out her hair and some hair starts falling out. She puts on a wig. 

Choi's patient has chronic pain and nausea. He can't eat without throwing up. He's been seeing doctors for years. He's only 26 years old.

Natalie's patient is a toddler named Lucas. His parents say he got a bloody nose while with the nanny. He has been having nosebleeds all summer. He also has a rash on his arm and is coughing. The child takes Natalie's stethoscope. Natalie says she thinks it's allergies but she wants to do blood tests. The parents hesitate and then say they do naturopathic only, but Natalie gets them to agree.

Maggie tells April she has an appointment this afternoon and won't be back. April asks another nurse and the other nurse says she saw Maggie go into an open treatment room to lie down.

Marcel tells Noah a story about finding a bug in a bowel resection that turned out to be a tapeworm. 

Choi doesn't like Marcel being such a braggart. April says Marcel is a good surgeon.

Car'ls previous hospital went bankrupt so no medical records, but his test results are back. Choi tells him his white blood cell count is high. They need to do some tests. Carl doesn't know if he has had these tests before.  On the way out Choi sees Noah standing there. Noah tells Marcel about the patient.

Charles' patient wasbrought in by the cops. She hasn't slept in two days and is pacing back and forth and talking to herself, sounds like she is studying. She is talking very fast. Dr. Charles wants to give her a sedative. She doesn't know where she is.

Carl freaks out during the exam and says he's gonna be sick and can't make it 10 seconds. Carl pukes on Choi after the exam.

Will's patient has a swollen leg and a lot of pain. Will thinks it's a DVT. The guy is surprised because he is active. Will orders tests. The guy says he needs to call his fiance.

Marcel examines Carl without Choi's permission.

Choi accuses Marcel of poaching his patient.  Marcel says the patient needs surgery anyway. Choi says Carl was agitated during his scan and he doesn't know yet if Carl needs surgery. Marcel apologizes and tells Noah etiquette is important.

Natalie wants to get her test results. She complains to Maggie that she has nothing to do when there are cases waiting to be seen. Maggie is short with her and has to go to her appointment.

Charles goes to see Eunice. She is calmer but is now embarrassed. She promises she will sleep from n ow on no matter what. Charles thinks they should talk about counseling  and medication. She says she just had a panic attack. Charles says he thinks she was manic. She says she can't have bipolar disorder because she needs to make partner. Charles tells her she can't control it on her own but can learn to manage it. She wants to be discharged and go back to work. She says she doesn't meet the criteria for involuntary commitment and he can't keep her here.

Marcel asks Choi again about surgery. He wants to remove the mass. Choi says it may not be the problem since he's been sick for years. Marcel says leaving the mass in could make him septic and he already has a fever. Meanwhile Goodwin says they can't get the medical records.

Apparently a medical records company is threatening to destroy them because the hospital went bankrupt and won't pay them. Choi and Marcel argue about whether Marcel should operate.

Natalie says Lucas has a bacterial sinus infection. The parents want to use all natural cures and don't want to use antibiotics because Lucas had a bad reaction to antibiotics. Natalie says he needs help with his dehydration right away. The parents agree to a saline drip but no antibiotics.

Will's patient's calf is still swollen and he's short of breath. Will says he needs a CT scan and puts him on oxygen. The guy can't get ahold of his fiancee who is looking for dresses.

Goodwin talks to Carl. She says Carl prefers a conservative approach but is in a lot of pain so he wants the surgery. He is now Marcel's patient. Marcel expects Noah to help in the OR. 

Charles sees Eunice standing by the doors. She is crying. She says he's right, she can't control this and needs help.

Will's patient is worried about reaching his fiancee and his phone is dying. Will says he will make the call.

Natalie now thinks Lucas has pneumonia. The parents don't like that that wasn't her first diagnosis. The father doesn't want a chest x-ray and accuses her of trying to sell her on treatments she doesn't need. The parents say they want to take Lucas home and to a holistic doctor. Natalie gets upset. Will calls Natalie aside. He looks at the chart and says he will talk to the parents. He gets permission in two seconds. Will says this is the second time parents have lost faith in her judgment and that the labs look like a sinus infection so she'd better be right.

Maggie is at chemo when she discovers Cici is working on this floor. Cici sees her. She says she didn't know. Maggie says no one does except for Sharon and she wants to keep it that way. Cici says she's been there and asks to sit down. Maggie lets her. Cici asks her about the diagnosis and prognosis. She tells Maggie keeping the secret is not going to be easy. Maggie doesn't want pity. Cici says it was hard for her too but once she let her friends know they were able to comfort her.

Marcel wants Noah to tell him how to do the surgery. Marcel whispers to Carl that they're gonna take care of him and makes Noah finish explaining the surgery.

Charles meets Cici. He says a patient surprised him in a good way and asks how she's doing. CIci says she wishes people could feel as happy as she does. She wants to make lasanga for him and invite Sharon over. 

Maggie has a text from April asking if she's okay?

Will's patient has a pulmonary embolism. The guy doesn't understand why this is happening.  Will has not been able to call the patient's fiancee yet. All of a sudden the patient crashes.

Will tries to use the paddles. The patient is not responding. He's gone. Will is upset. 

Lanic says there was nothing Will could have done. The fiancee has arrived. She is on the phone saying no one is telling her anything. 

Noah tells Choi no complications and that Marcel was right. Choi says yeah, this time. Noah says can't you enjoy that we saved his life? Choi says he's sorry. He wants Noah to succeed. Noah says no reason he wouldn't. He and Choi shake hands and hug. Noah wants to be there when Carl wakes up.

April and the other nurses see Maggie looking terrible. Maggie takes off her wig and shows them she's losing her hair. April takes her hand. All the nurses support her.

Charles comes home. He finds Bert there. Bert leaves and Cici and Charles whisper about how this might or might not work out for Sharon. She thinks because she and Charles got back together, Sharon and Bert can too. The doorbell rings. Cici and Charles look super nervous. Sharon comes in with two bottles of wine. Bert comes out.

It turns out Lucas' pneumonia isn't conclusive. The parents want to go home. Natalie insists he needs antibiotics  and locks the parents out of his room so she can give him antibiotics against their will. The child looks terrified. Security is at the door.


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Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Just remember there's an actual person on the table, not just a body.


Natalie: I'll do the intake then pass it off to Terry. This has med student written all over it.
Will: No no no. Lanic wants you to take it.
Natalie: I have charts from pediatrics to catch up on.
Will: I'll take care of it.
Natalie: Are you kidding? I am late because traffic sucked, not because of my TBI.