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Gwen says that they got a court order to treat Lucas. However, Sharon and Gwen are not happy with Natalie. Natalie says she had no choice. Sharon warns her that if she's compromised she has to recuse herself from this case. 

Outside, Natalie runs into Will and bites his head off when he tries to be supportive.

Choi and April have a hard time finding time to date given their schedule. Someone bangs on the door when they are about to kiss. It's Noah.

Noah and April are jogging when they see three men beating up a girl. The men take off and the girl begs them not to call the cops because she's illegal. She doesn't want to go to the hospital. Noah tells April to wait in the car, which she doesn't do. Noah decides to treat her in the alley. The girl collapses after insisting she's fine.

The girl wakes up in the ER. She says she can't be here. Noah says she has a collapsed lung and has to stay in the hospital. The girl doesn't want her friend notified.

Sharon runs into Dr. Charles in the elevator. He says again he didn't know about Bert. Sharon says Bert has now asked her out.

Dr. Charles learns an old friend is in the hospital. He goes into the room and finds his old friend Tyson is now Claire. She wanted to see him because he's always been sweet and respectful. She has shortness of breath and chest pain. Daniel offers to listen to her chest. The pain gets worse. Charles gets Choi in.

Philip shows up with breakfast for Natalie and flowers for their six month anniversary, which she forgets about. Will is watching unhappily. Philip gets it when Natalie says she doesn't know about dinner tonight.

Philip kisses her and goes. Will and Marcel get paged to Baghdad for a car accident victim. Guy wasn't wearing a seatbelt and went through the window. There is bleeding in his belly. Marcel orders a bunch of tests but a nurse finds a no blood card saying he's a Jevohah's witness and can't get blood transfusions. Will says the card is from when the patient was a kid. Marcel says he's gonna check with the parents.

Lucas doesn't have pneumonia but he does have a high fever. Natalie orders more tests. She thinks he's septic. The nurse wans to call Dr. Lanic but Natalie says it's not necessary.

April takes another pregnancy test and is sad to see she is not pregnant.

Noah looked up the patient. She was admitted once before in 2007 and had a social security number -- she's not undocumented.

Claire has had a heart attack. Her ex-wife shows up and is upset to see she is a she. A nurse called her because she was the most recent emergency contact.

Dr. Charles goes to talk to Melinda. 

Natalie is looking stressed out. Maggie comes in and checks on her. She says she's all good. Maggie sees through it. Natalie feels bad about not realizing Maggie had cancer. Maggie tells her she has nothing to be sorry for. Natalie worries that maybe she was wrong about Lucas after all. Maggie is sure Natalie wouldn't jeopardize a patient to prove Will wrong. Maggie thinks Natalie should trust her instincts.

Natalie wants a biopsy on Lucas' rash.

David's parents come. Marcel gives them the news. The parents say David was spreading the ministry. They don't want him to get blood. Will tells them David will not survive without this surgery. The parents' answer is to pray. 

The girl is angry and wants to leave. Noah says they won't judge and everything is confidential. The girl says she was being jumped into a gang. Noah and April try to get her to trust them.

Melinda tells Charles she felt Titus was keeping something from her and eventually left because she was constantly shut out.

Will doesn't understand how they can accept the parents' decision. Marcel says he needs a refresher in medical ethics.

Lucas begins spitting up blood. The parents blame the antibiotics and demand to take him home. They are removed by security and say they don't want Natalie doing anything, court order or not. Natalie orders Lucas be transferred to the PICU. Monica isn't sure and Natalie snaps at her to do it.

The girl says she had to live out of her car. Her cousin brought her into the gang. Now she can't quit or she will be killed. Her cousin shows up and says he wants to take her home. Noah says they have to wait for lab results. The guys agree. The girl is mad at Noah. She says if they don't get to jump you in they sex you in.

The parents got the court order reversed. Cops are on their way. Natalie finds a lot of blood in the lungs.

Choi tells Charles that Claire's cross-gender hormones are making her heart condition worse.

Will insists David is not a Jehovah's witness because he had drugs and alcohol in his system and a tattoo. Marcel tells him he still has to respect the parents' wishes.

Natalie is arrested and the parents won't listen that Lucas has a serious problem. Gwen refuses to allow the hospital lawyer to help Natalie.

Two cops are confronting Angel. Noah is angry that April called the cops. Anyway, the girl is gone.

Claire doesn't understand. She is willing to take the risk. Charles says another heart attack will kill her. Melinda shows up. Claire apologizes for not telling her. Melinda is sorry she left.

Sharon talks to Lucas' mother. Sbaron says that the rift between holistic and traditional medicine has caused distrust. The mother just wants her son to be okay. Sharon says she can't defend Natalie, but they are all on the same side. 

Noah and April argue. He says she doesn't see him as an adult and he wants her to back off.

Will is on the phone with someone but David crashes. Will tells the parents that David has not been pioneering in months. The parents don't believe that.. They are upset to see the tattoo. The father leaves. The mother kisses David and leaves too. Marcel comes in. Will says the parents have abandoned their son. Marcel orders the hybrid OR be opened.

THe charges have been dropped against Natalie and there is a diagnosis for Lucas. He had a serious autoimmune disorder that would have killed him if Natalie hadn't insisted on further tests.

David awakens. He wants to see his mom and dad. Will says that the parents left. David says he's still a Jehovah's witness and is upset that he was given blood. He says he was lost for a while and finding his way back. What have they done to him?

Daniel comes to see Sharon and ask her for a drink. SHaron says not tonight. Charles says another time. SHaron asks how his day was. Charles says he witnessed something remarkable: two people who hurt each other greatly becoming a source of comfort to each other. 

Noah has let the girl stay with him. She thanks him.

Natalie goes to meet Philip for dinner. She says she has to trust her instincts as Maggie suggested.

Sharon goes to a bar and meets Bert. She orders a double whiskey. 

Will comes to see Marcel, who offers him alcohol. Will is beating himself up. He says he thinks Natalie was coming to tell him she was engaged that night. Marcel says he knows there was no ring.

Natalie tells Philip that in her gut, him and her don't feel right. She can't marry him. Will comes up to them and says Philip has beenlying to her and slipped the ring on her finger while she was unconscious. Natalie is shocked. Philip denies it and says Will is jealous. Natalie says it doesn't matter. She walks off. Will goes after her. She tells him she doesn't need his help. She doesn't want him in her life.



Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

No police! I'm illegal.


Sharon: Where are we?
Gwen: In a slightly better position than we were four hours ago. Lucky for you, Calmid did some quick maneuvering to get a court order to treat Lucas. But there is no excuse for your reckless behavior.