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Will gives Narcan to a woman who OD'd at the safe injection site. He tells her she's going to be okay. She freaks out. Will wants to get her into a bed for right now.

Ethan gives April a hormone shot. They kiss.

Maggie is upset. Her oncologist said the radiation wasn't helping and she needs hormone therapy. Goodwin thinks Maggie should take the day off. ust then Maggie hears about a bus crash. 35 passengers. Maggie says she's not going home. 

Natalie arrives at the crash site. Chicago Fire says a bar fell off a truck and went through the bus. There are some kids trapped on the bus.

Chicago Fire saws through the bus and gets it open. THere's a very cold kid inside. Marcel notices that one of the kids are impaled. CHicago Fire says the kids are too close and he has to slide the bar over. Marcel says no. He says give them blood and cut them out together. 

There's a guy at the safe injection site with a fever and difficulty breathing. Will says he has a heart murmur and might have endocardisis. Mike says he has had that before. He got a valve replaced already. He doesn't want to go to the hospital. Nothing helps him with the addiction. Mike's girlfriend begs him.. Will says if he doesn't get the valve fixed it will kill him.

Choi is up as the crash victims come in. First patient is a 12 year old girl who starts crying with pain. She has no dizziness etc. Choi tells the parents he thinks she has broken ribs and is ordering an x-ray and some pain meds.

Maggie tells April to be on standby with Marcel's case. April says she can't stop thinking about Marcel. Maggie tells her to get over it.

Gary, a fellow chemo patient, is in the hospital. Maggie goes to see him. He says that he is having a bone marrow transplant next week. Meanwhile he passed out. The leukemia is making him anemic. Maggie asks the dr how bad it is. They need to move the transplant up if possible. Reid says they need to get the donor in in the next hour.

Latham says he is not providing a valve replacement. THis is the third time he needs one. He sees no evidence that he will stop using. Will says Mike is depressed and if they treat that it will get him off drugs. Latham asks Charles for his help. Latham goes and Charles asks him about the safe injection site. Charles is worried about Will going to jail. Will tells him to worry about that later, worry about the patient now.

Natalie doesn't like the idea but Marcel is going ahead with removing the kids and the bar. They have to be kept totally still while Fire breaks the bar and the kids are removed one one gurney. Nathalie hopes Marcel is right.

Charles and Will argue when Mike gets worse. Later, Will writes a prescription and tells Latham Charles gave him permission to do it.

Henry's bleed gets worse, but Marcel can intubate. The parents are angry that he didn't follow protocol. Marcel decides to play it safe with Henry's further surgery but Natalie talks him out of it.

Meanwhile, Gary gets worse and Maggie decides to test a nurse to see if she is a match.

Goodwin finds Maggie testing everyone to see if they're a donor match. Goodwin says that they can't do this when they have an ED full of crash victims. She makes everyone go back to work. A woman comes up to her and says since her kid was hurt on the school bus the least she can do is get tested so someone else can live. Other parents of victims also come forward.

Charles is upset with Will. He says Will is making it too personal. Wills ays you lost your brother to drugs. We can't endlessly deliberate after every patient. Charles tells him he never lets his brother's death affect his professional judgment.

Marcel starts surgery then switches suddenly to reconstruction like Natalie suggested. Henry's vitals start tanking. Marcel insists on the reconstruction anyway./ He gets the shunt in just in time and the heart rate goes back up.

Choi tells Alice's dad not to vape in the hospital. He admits Alice used to vape too. The parents insist vaping is safe. They find vaping stuff in Alice's bag. The parents insist they have no idea. Ethan says they will wait and see what the tests show.

Maggie talks to a pathologist. So far no matches. Someone is a match. But it is too late. Gary's heart has stopped. Maggie won't quit but he's gone.

Henry's father apologizes. Kate wakes up just then. She remembers meeting Natalie on the bus and has movement in her toes and her fingers.

Choi says all the tests were negative. Alice has a lung injury from vaping. He doesn't know if she will recover. She may never breathe again on her own. Some people don't survive.

Ethan tells April that he had a feeling all day long that they weren't being told the truth. He leaves and April looks guiltily at Marcel.

Will  apologizes to Charles who tells him that Mike's girlfriend tried to give him  heroin.

Natalie is impressed with Marcel. She says she never saw him like thisbefore -- what was going on? Marcel says nothing.  Natalie wants to know why he made the choice he made on the bus? Marcel says no one should have to lose a child and walks off.

Sharon comes to see Maggie in the cafeteria and tell her she's sorry about Gary. Maggie is sorry she made things harder. Sharon wants to show her something. She takes her to another room. Many of the donors were matches with other transplant patients. Maggie saved a lot of lives.

Will tells Sean he can't do this anymore. He's not cut out for it. Sean says they have all had these moments.  Val shows up. She says she's new here and this place is a godsend. She brought him cookies to thank him for saving her life. She wants to try to turn things around.  Will is glad to hear it.

Charles meets his nephew and takes him to dinner. His nephew promises he is clean and that he will not end up like his dad did. 

Marcel is drinking in a bar (probably too much)


Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

Reid: Gary's donor has the flu. Her temp is 100.3
Maggie: But that shouldn't affect her bone marrow.
Reid: The cut off is 99.9
Maggie: But Gary has a rare type. No one else in the system is a match.
Reid: Well, hopefully the donor will get better soon.
Maggie: The longer we wait, the more unstable his rhythm gets. It's only half a degree. Can't we just make an exception?
Reid: I'm sorry, but no. We can't.

Charles: This patient, you didn't happen to run across him at the safe injection site, did you?
Will: I know you think this is a bad idea, but we're doing a lot of good.
Charles: It's illegal, bud. You won't do anyone any good if you lose your license or go to jail.