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Natalie comes by the chemo room with something for Maggie's nausea. Maggie introduces Natalie to Ben but he's sick from the chemo. He doesn't want an exam.

Marcel calls Noah over to assign a surgery to him. Marcel sees that Noah is with the gang girl from a few weeks ago. Noah says she is crashing in his guest room. Marcel is skeptical but Noah says he'll be back after he tkes her home. He asks Marcel to keep it between them.

Natalie says Ben has measles. Ben says he was vaccinated as a kid. Natalie says the chemo has messed that up. She thinks he will have to suspend chemo until this is resolved. Natalie says there is congestion in his lungs, so he probably also has pneumonia. It's only a matter of time before the virus attacks his organs. Maggie says there has to be something.  Natalie doesn't think so. Ben is dying.

Sharon talks to Charles. She and Burt have seen each other a few times. She wants him and CeCe to go to dinner with them so CeCe can say I Told You So.

April asks Marcel where Noah is. He also tries to apologize for the kiss. April says they should just forget it. Ambo landing for Will and Elsa.

16-yeaer-old collapsed on a jog. Father says he told her not to run. She says she just forgot to eat. Father is worried because she just had a kidney transplant. Will asks about fever, chills, etc. He heard a little congesetion. She might have an infection in her lungs. They are going to run tests to see what's going on.

Choi meets a patient who will only consent to medical treatment that his social media followers vote YES on.

Maggie sneaks in to see Ben despite her compromised immune system. Meanwhile, Noah is brought into the hospital severely beaten and injured. April and Ethan work on him with Lanic and Marcel, who says Noah said he was meeting a friend.

Noah gets a CT scan. Sharon asks April how he is. April says he is stable. She wants to talk to April and Choi.She says Choi cannot be on the case. He's too close. Choi goes and April asks Marcel what he was saying earlier. He says Noah said he had to help someone. April wants to know who but a scan is ready. Lanic thinks they should embolize a bleed. Marcel wants to operate. April agrees with Lanic. Marcel says it's not her call.

Elsa tells Will that she just checked on their patient's blood work. She also tells Will about a concert tonight. Will tells her she can take off early, seemingly oblivious to the fact that she's asking him to go. They get called into Gloria's room.

The patient is squirming with stomach pain. She has a blood clot. They need a CT scan, but she's allergic to the contrast. They can't inject the anti-clot meds without it. The father doesn't want to put her through this. Will says they will put her on Heprin and hope for the best.

Dennis' scans are back. He has appendicitis. Someone online wants to know if there is an alternative to surgery. The chat is debating it. Dennis asks his followers to vote on if he should have surgery. Choi thinks this is ridiculous. 85% say no. Choi tells Dennis he could die. But Dennis won't go against what his followers say. 

Choi storms off and tells a nurse to page Dr. Charles.

Sharon tells Maggie that Ben will have to be under quarantine because of a measles outbreak. Natalie says but that can be all the time he has left. Maggie begs Sharon to let Ben die at home. Sharon says there's n othing she can do.

Dr. Charles comes to see Dennis. Dennis is weak but says he's gonna be thrown in the looney bin  if people don't vote properly. Charles tries to tell Dennis that he could die if he doesn't get the surgery. Dennis says he always obeys the vote. If he breaks the pact it's over. Charles goes and tells Choi that Dennis is willingly giving over this decision to others.

Jay Halstead talks to April and Marcel. He says if there's something that can help... Marcel tells Jay that he saw Noah leave with Hacienta. April is pissed that Marcel didn't tell her that. Jay leaves and April confronts Marcel. Marcel says Noah told him not to and is an adult who makes his own decisions. April storms off.

Maggie turns away a nurse who wants to take blood from Ben. She tends to him as he throws up and gives him water. She wishes she hadn't brought him to the hospital when they couldn't do anything for him. Ben says surrendering isn't weakness, it's acceptance. Maggie doesn't want him to spend his last days here. She won't let him.

Maggie asks Natalie to change Ben's charts when he's  not really post infectious. Maggie begs her to let her honor the only wish Ben has left. Natalie says no. She can't discharge Ben. Maggie storms off.

The Heprin isn't working. Her kidney is in serious distress. Without the CT, they can't do anything to save the kidney. She will need a new transplant. Will says they can give her high steroids for the CT scan but it would be very risky.  The girl won't go through the transplant nightmare again. She wants to do this. Will needs her parents' consent. The mother says okay. The father says he will give consent.

Elsa says Will can't do this. Will says they have to try. Elsa says why? She could get another kidney. Will says this is what the patient wants and they have parental consent.

Noah is not doing well. Marcels ays he needs to go to the OR NOW.Lanic says not necessary. April sides with Lanic again. Marcel comes in anyway and says Noah needs the OR. April says get away from my b rother, but just then Noah crashes.

Choi is about to go help with Noah but he is called back to Dennis' room. Dennis is in a lot of pain. Choi says Dennis needs surgery. Some follower suggests something. Dennis hits a million followers and refuses the surgery. Choi says to Charles that Dennis isn't sane.

CT scan begins on Will's patient. So far so good. 

Maggie somehow has a discharge order for Ben. EMTs come to take him home for hospice care. Ben asks if she's sure. She says it's time to get him home.

Stats are dropping. CT scan has to be aborted. WIll might have to trache her but he gets in.

Meanwhile, April watches as Marcel does the surgery. Another surgeon says they waited too long to bring Noah up. Noah is still losing blood.

Dr. Charles tries to talk to Aviva, who is busy with the business. Charles says if something happens to Dennis, it will impact their livelihood. Aviva says Dennis used to be a ghost but now everyone sees him. If Dennis gets septic she's sure they will vote for him to have the surgery. Choi comes out on cue. Dennis is septic.

Natalie discovers that Ben is gone.

Charles takes Dennis to the roof and tells him to ask his followers if he should jump off the roof. Aviva doesn't know what to do. The chat debates whether it's a bad idea or not. a majority says yes. Dennis considers it, then says he's not jumping. All these people unfollow Dennis. Dennis agrees to the surgery.

Will tells the parents that the clot has been broken up. The parents are thrilled and love Will. Elsa tells Will it was amazing. She shouldn't have doubted him. Will says he's b een a doctor for 10 years and has developed intuition.

Maggie plans to give Ben a bath. But she sees kids in the yard and all over the place and realize what she's done. Ben says it's okay. He wants to go back.

Marcel gets Noah's pressure up to normal levels. The other surgeon praises him.

Ben is brought back to the hospital -- and an angry Nat. Maggie says she didn't know what else to do. Natalie is angry but says go be with him.

Dr. Charles learns that the appedectomy went well. However, Sharon is not happy about the viral video of Charles asking Dennis if he wanted to ump.

The med student gives Elsa her tickets. Elsa is about to ask Will to go wit her but Juliet shows up. Elsa is clearly jealous as Will leaves.

Maggie is upset because Ben's pillow is not comfortable.

Daniel meets Sharon and Burt. However, he says CeCe wasn't up to coming to dinner.

April sits with Noah and says he's going to be okay. Noah says her name. Ethan is with her. They hold hands. Marcel watches from the doorway.

April goes to talk to Mrcel. She thanks him for what he did for Noah. Ethan watches from the doorway, looking like he's concerned.



Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Noah: Can you do me a solid and keep this between us? I don't want April...
Marcel: To kick your ass?

Natalie: With your weakened immuned system, I'm afraid it's only a matter of time before the virus begins attacking your other organs.
Ben: You're saying this is gonna kill me? Measles is gonna kill me?
Maggie: Natalie. There has to be something.
Ben: How long are we looking at? Months? Weeks? Days?
Natalie: If what I suspect is true, I'm afraid so.