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Maggie has a cancer check up. Ben shows up and she says she's not worried. They make plans to see ach other later. She thinks he should go to his bowling thing. He wants to be with her. She doesn't want him to.

April shuts it down when some staff is gossiping about how Marcel might be sleeping with. She and Ethan have an appointment with the fertility specialist.

Marcel and Nat are out in the parking lot when some guy comes up and says his wife is bleeding. It's a ruse and there's a guy with a gun in the car. He takes their phones and makes them get in the truck despite Marcel's attempts to negotiate.

Marcel starts surgery on the gunman. They have to use paintbrushes and other houehold itemsto try to stop some bleeding. The guy needs a hospital but the bad guys refuse (Even though they were just at one.)

Will goes to see Asher at rehab and she is sick. He confronts some nurse who says doctors aren't allowed to have methadone.

Jasmine, a liver disease patient that April knows, shows up at the ED. April promises to take good care of Jasmine and gets  her two young boys settled. Ethan orders tests. She has a living donor -- her bio mom. She petitioned the courts. This is her last shot. April says she will contact Annette.

Maggie can't get in touch with Marcel.

Will thinks what is going on is inhumane. Charles says he thinks Will did the right thing. Anyway, an old patient of Charles needs him and Will. Krista is schizophrenic. Charles finds out she is off her meds.

The van stops at a gas station but the bad guys won't let Marcel go in to get supplies and makes Nat cuff him to a bar above his head while he takes Nat to the store.

Nat drops her badge in the store.

The other bad guy collapses and Marcel tries to get the gun with his feet. The van takes off.

Ethan talks to Annette  She has something in her medical history that bothers Ethan.

Krista fights with her mom. Charles suggests letting Krista rest. Carles talks to the mother. He tries to tell her that Krista isn't a minor. The mother says Krista is only a week over 18. Meanwile Krista has a seizure. 

Ethan says Annette's disorder is genetic and he doesn't think Annette is really Jasmine's mother. April says this is Jasmine's last chance and he sholdn't do this. 

No signs of seizures and strokes. Charles has an idea what's wrong.

Maggie wonders where Nat an Marcel are. Find a friend shows her phone is in the parking lot. They find te phones in the trash.

Nat is allowed to uncuff Marcel so they can do the surgery in the van. 

Jay Halstead and some other cops are called in but security cams have not picked up the kidnappers. Jay says the DNA matches a convicted murderer and his brother. 

The seizure was caused by a drug interaction. The mother has secretly been giving Krista her anti-psychotic. Charles tells Joanna this is dangerous and a violation of Krista's autonomy. He has to let her know.

The kidnappers get impatient. Nat cauterizes the bleeds and it hurts the bleeding kidnapper so he gets mad and says they're not going anywhere.

April finds out that Jasmine's friend works at DCFS. She realizes she can get the adoption records.

Maggie finds out about Nat's badge. She telss Sharon, who says she'll call Jay. 

Jasmine asks how her mom is. April comes in and says Jasmine and Lauren catfished Annette to get her to donate. Jasmine says she didn't set out to hurt Annette. When she found out her bio parents were dead she had no other option. Choi says this is illegal. April asks what the plan was? Jasmine says Annette is family and she'd never abandon her. Lauren says this was her idea. April walks out upset.

One of the kidnappers takes Marcel and Nat to a house as his insurance policy. There is a sick person in the living room. The kidnapper says they can't help. He decides to tie them up instead.

Sharon talks to Jay. Kidnapper's son is dying of brain cancer. There is an address on the medical record.

April and Ethan show up to tell Annette that Jasmine is  not her daughter. Annette says she knew that already. Her daughter died 12 years ago  April insists Jasmine conned Annette. Annette doesn't care. Choi thinks this was wrong. Annette says she has a family and she doesn't want to lose them.

Krista is having hallucinations and screams that her mother is poisoning her. Joanne blames Charles. She thinks her way was better and that Charles ruined Krista's life.

Chicago PD shows up and says they have Tyler surrounded. He wants him to let the hostages go. Tyler tells Marcel to uncuff Natalie. He says she can go. She doesn't want to leave Marcel. He says it's okay.

Marcel says sorry about your son. He tells Marcel to go.and attempts to shoot himselfbut Marcel grabs the gun and it goes off. Nat is upset that she can't get to Marcel.

Natalie tells Maggie what's going on. Turns out Marcel is fine. Nat runs to hug him. Marcelt tells the cops to get Tyler to the ED. April is watching jealously as arcel and Nat hug.

Charles understands why Joanna did what she did. 

Will goes to see Hannah again. He has saked her suboxone.  SHe throws it away and cries that he is jeopardizing her recovery. She wants him to go and never come back.

Maggie is waiting for her blood work. Ben shows up and says she doesn't make decisions for him. She says what if it'sbad news?What if it's not working? He says they'll figure something else out. She says he's in remission and shouldn't be stuck with her. Ben says she doesn't get it: she's his life. The doctor shows up and says she has good news. No sign of a mass and bloodwork is perfect.

April needs to do another cycle of IVF in six weeks.

Maggie wants to spend the rest of her life with Ben. He wants to marry her.


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Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 16 Quotes

Look, if he doesn't get surgery he's going to lose his leg. We need to get him to the hospital.


Ben: What's up? Why you boxing me out all of a sudden?
Maggie: I'm not boxing you out.
Ben: You are.
Maggie: Just don't miss your game.