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Will is annoyed with a landlord. His new apartment is infested with bedbugs. Maggie offers Club Med. But Will says he doesn't have to quarantine from. He feels like he is not any further along than he was as a 1st year. Maggie suggests he apply for chief resident. 

A patient comes in just then. Lost control of his car, hit a lamppost, no COVID.

The patient tries to take off his oxygen mask to talk. Will tells him not to. He sees the right lung is collapsed. Will asks him what happened. The guy doesn't remember what he just said or that he was in a car accident. 

April is still working with the COVID patient with heart failure. Her mom wants to send over an article. She thanks April in Spanish.  Her daughter is upset to hear that her mom is continuing to work. The girl is worried about her mom catching COVID.

Goodwin is making an announcement. Choi is the new chief resident. (Seriously?) Will looks upset though he claps for him. He tells Maggie he's fine.

A nurse tells Nat about a patient brought in from the jail who is 37 weeks pregnant. Cops wants to keep the cuffs on her but will take them off if Nat asks. 

Iesha tells Nat she has had headaches and nausea for a week but the guards wouldn't listen. She also insists she is not a violent person. She pushed a cop that was harassing her cousin and served her time. She's in jail because of a busted taillight so her probation was violated. Iesha wants an OB or she won't cooperate.

Will's patient has an air pocket trapped in his head. Lanic wonders if it was caused by something else. Anyway, they need to get it out. Lanic wants to drill a hole in his head, which Mr. Kirk doesn't like.

Choi comes by. After WIll congratulates him. Choi insists as chief he must be filled in on Will's case. Will does.

Charles finds Marcel, who is not interested in a check in with him. He declines to do it. Charles tells him they can talk about whatever they want. 

Nat meets the new OBGYN, a Black doctor named Douglas. Iesha has a seizure and Douglas is not happy that she is cuffed. She is going to deliver the baby.

Lecenida can't breathe but she is not hypoxic so the doctor won't let April intubate. She tells him to get another doctor. He's insulted and warns April this isn't over.

Charles tells Marcel he can't cook and asks how Marcel is sleeping. Marcel says he is sleeping fine. Charles can't get him to talk. Marcel thinks of himself as a stoic. Charles is skeptical. He keeps ignoring his phone. Marcel says do you need to get that? Charles says his daughter is having an emergency so he's cutting this short.

Will pretends to Maggie he didn't want the ED director job. A nurse says she would want to kill someone if she were in Will's shoes. Will sees Dr. Varony and goes up to her. He asks how the clinical trial is going. She's talking to another doctor. Will is interrupted by Choi, who already got GI test results. Will wants to do a contrast study. Choi thinks Will is overthinking and wants him to a broncoscopy instead.

Anna called Charles because her mother is in pain. The mother doesn't want help. SHe insists she's fine. She stands up and throws up blood. Anna is terrified. Charles says they're taking her to the hospital.

Ethan says April has to respect the doctors. April doesn't care that that doctor doesn't want to work with her. Ethan says she can't chew out any more residents but he'll move this doctor somewhere else. April likes Ethan being the chief. He wants her to speak up if he is being an ass.

Iesha has had her baby. She is upset that the jail will take her baby away when she is released from the hospital. The cops arrive and want to cuff her. Douglas stands up to them. They agree to wait until she's done breastfeeding.Douglas is disgusted. She is going to talk to the ACLU but there's really not much she can do.

Will orders a contrast study after all. Just then Mr. Kirk crashes. Will intubates and asks for Abrams. He doesn't want Choi called.

Choi comes down the hall and sees Abrams sticking a needle in Kirk's eye. Will explains there was no time to go to the ER. Abrams says next time he needs surgery. Choi orders him to be taken upstairs right now. Will says to Choi, you're just waiting for the surgeons? You didn't let me do my job. They argue about the correct treatment plan. Will says he's mad that Choi is interfering with his patient. Choi thinks Will is upset that Choi was chosen without me.

Anna is freaking out. Charles explains her mom is having an endoscopy. Anna is freaking out and just wants to see her mom. Charles brings her in and introduces her to Marcel. Her mom says Charles doesn't care about her. Charles says that's just the anesthesia talking and takes Anna out. He reassures her it's going to be okay.

Luciena's mother is upset that Luciena needs a ventilator. She asks her in Spanish if her baby will make it. April doesn't know. Mother wants to be with her baby.

Nat complains to Goodwin, who says that it's up to the court. 

Anna's mom has an ulcer. She needs minor surgery. Anna is freaked out.

April tells Ethan that her patient isn't going to make it and she wants the mom to sit vigil. Choi says there are strict protocols. Luciena is COVID positive so no. April is upset. She says he's being a hardass.

Goodwin, Nat, and Douglas talk to an officer of the court who says Iesha is not qualified for compassionate release because she was "violent." He says they can't move up her case because of the COVID bottleneck.

Will informs Choi the hole was in the esophagus after all. Choi reveals that Goodwin talked to him last week and he believes a good leader takes responsibility. Will says good leaders don't micromanage either and walks away.

Anna and Charles play cards. Anna suggests he come over next week and make dinner. She says Mom really needs him. Doesn't he want to be there? Charles says if Mom needs him she'll call. Anna tells him they are moving to Arizona. She found out by looking on her computer and found emails. She doesn't want to go to Phoenix. Charles says they will figure this out.

Choi asks April if she still thinks it's a good idea to bring int he mother. She says yes. He gives permission as long as the mother wears full PPE. April tries to call the. mother and can't get her.

Iesha has decided to name the baby Nuru (born in daylight). A cop shows up and says they have to shackle the inmate because there's only one cop there and no visitors. The cop says he's just following orders. Nat tells the nurse to go. Nat tells the baby isn't oging anywhere. She shoves the cop. (Will they respond the same way they did to Iesha doing that in the first place?)

Douglas comes in.

Nat has been cuffed. The security guard apologizes as he uncuffs her. Some administrator says sheriff's department doesn't want to make this an issue so let's not do that okay. Douglas tells Nat the ACLU will be looking into Iesha's case. Nat is aware that she got a slap on the wrist for the same offense as Iesha.

Luciena's mother is brought in. She is COVID positive and can't breathe.

Will goes in the stairwell and asks Goodwin on video how they decided Ethan would be chief. Choi's military experience was a big factor. Will says he has more experience and a great diagnostician. Goodwin says there are. She didn't even consider him. other factors. Will wants to know why? Is it because of Dr. Asher? Goodwin says that didn't help and sometimes he makes poor decisions. He is too impulsive and breaks the rules and trusts his gut too much. Sometimes it works but it isn't the way to run an ED. Will understands and thanks her for his candor. He comes out of the stairwell and sees Dr. Varony. 

Charles comes to see his ex-wife. They talk about how she used to get migraines from stress. He brings up the. move to Arizona. His ex isn't happy Anna was snooping. She says she has a great job opportunity. Marcel stands in the doorway and overhears them arguing. He knocks and Charles says he is just leaving.  He goes and Marcel apologizes. He says he knows what it's like. He has an ex himself. If Charles ever needs someone to talk to... CHarles laughs and walks off.

Ethan goes to see April. She says it isn't fair. Ethan says we just have to keep doing everything we can. April doesn't think it's ever enough.

Marcel lies in bed shirtless and looking upset as we fade to black.



Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

Iesha: You gonna tell them to take off these cuffs?
Nat: It's okay. I can work around them.
Iesha: I heard those cops out there, saying I'm a violent offender. Just like they said I resisted arrest. But I only pushed him cause he was harassing my cousin.

WIll: That new apartment I had lined up? It's infested with bedbugs.
Maggie: Ew. Can't you stay with Hannah a few more nights?
Will: She let her lease go. She's headed for the West Coast when she gets out of rehab
Maggie: Well, if you need a place to stay, there's always room at Club Med.
Will: There's no one in my life I have to quarantine from. It's just me and my stuff.