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Doris and April talk about Ethan. April is not happy to see him in the cafeteria.

She goes up to him anyway and asks what he is doing. Did he come home last night? Ethan is too busy to talk.

Nat tries to apologize for coming over to Marcel’s. He says he and his ex are NOT getting back together. This awkward conversation is interrupted by a patient coming in who had a construction accident and has been impaled by a rebar. She got dizzy and fell. She thinks skipping breakfast is the problem. Marcel orders a CT scan prior to surgery.

A teacher calls Charles. Anna is not focusing and skipping her virtual classes. Charles is going to have to start checking Anna’s work. He goes to get his coat and finds a pamphlet about pregnancy in Anna’s jacket.

Charles goes to talk to Nat. He feels like an idiot for not having known anything about Anna’s sex life or anything. He says he’s okay.

Will has gotten a ton of people interested in his presentation. If it goes well, hospitals all over the country will want to join the trial. Choi interrupts and tells him he has to push his presentation off because he can’t spare him (of course). Will says he’s doing the presentation anyway (also of course.)

Choi calls April in on a case where a guy has passed out. The guy has a massive headache and elevated blood pressure. Has been in pain for a year. He freaks out at the idea of Choi looking in his eyes. It hurts too much. Choi orders tests that the guy says are a waste of time.

Augie asks if a doctor examining him is a cop. She tells Ben and Maggie that he is jaundiced and that ammonia in his blood has caused him confusion. He needs a transplant ASAP. End stage liver failure.

Ben wants to stay. Maggie says she will take the day off to be with Augie instead.

Sharon checks in with Maggie, who says they have no donor. Sharon will tell the whole hospital and hopefully they find a match.

Charles sees Anna walking and calls to her. She’s annoyed. Can’t he wait? She’s upset as she gets in the car. Charles confronts her about the pregnancy pamphlets. She says she had sex once and tried to be careful. Charles wants to know if she was pressured into having sex. She has a boyfriend no one knows about. She doesn’t want him to tell her mom. He says she has to tell her mom herself. She says she was going to tell him but then his lawyer walked in. She says they are so busy fighting with each other they forgot she existed.

A woman comes into the ED. She jumped out of a moving vehicle. April recognizes the victim as Kelly, the kidnapping victim they rescued a while back. Mom doesn’t know what happened or why.

Will works on Kelly. He tells the mom they’ll know more when they get tests back. But was Kelly trying to kill herself? Mom doesn’t know.

Marcel is going to remove the rebar. He expects a ton of bleeding when he does. Nat interrupts to ask how things are going as Marcel is removing the spleen. He finds a tumor in her stomach that he needs patient consent to do anything about but he will send a sample to pathology.

Dr. Charles talks to Kelly’s mom. She says she was taking her to Navy Pier like she did when she was little (before the kidnapping.) She doesn’t know what happened. No incidents before today. Just she never knows what she’s thinking. Charles says there is a tough transition because Kelly was kidnapped 12 years ago. Mom feels like her daughter is a stranger.

Sharon comes to see Maggie. There is a donor but he has amaloydosis. Eventually it will threaten Augie’s life. Maggie feels it is their only hope. Sharon will authorize it if the dr says it’s an emergency.

Test results are normal except for a heart murmur. The patient doesn’t want any more tests. He says tests make his pain worse. Fix that instead. Eric starts snapping at everyone and being nasty to his wife and to April. His wife leaves and he says he doesn’t want her here anyway.

Marcel goes to see Cindy and tells her he had to remove her spleen and about the tumor in her stomach. It’s malignant. She says she knew it. She’s been in pain for a while like her mom who died of stomach cancer five years ago. Marcel asks for consent to remove the cancer. Cindy doesn’t want to. Chemo made her mom so sick and she died anyway.  

Nat and Marcel wonder whether they can consider Cindy suicidal. Nat says don’t close her up til I talk to Sharon.

Charles talks to Kelly who says everything is okay and is not very communicative. She’s silent on the issue of her mom. Kelly says she doesn’t remember any the things her mom says they used to do together.  Charles says that her captor did that on purpose but the memories will come back eventually. Kelly can’t remember any of it.

Augie goes into surgery. Madeline shows up and DCFS will not approve the transplant saying only a family member can consent to the transplant. There is nothing they can do.

Will does his presentation. The doctor in charge encourages him to get out of practicing medicine and go to research full time. Will turns down a meeting and says he has to get going back to the ED.

Bowman’s echo is normal. Choi can’t find an answer and wonders if it’s shingles or a nerves disorder. April thinks Choi needs sleep. They get paged to Bowman’s bed.. He is in pain and can’t open his mouth. He is writhing and lashing out and can’t talk. Eric is screaming and doesn’t want to consent to an MRI but does somehow.

Abrams is shocked that Choi is right and suggests that the other doctors are all incompetent. The man has a rare condition. Abrams suggests a dangerous surgery but is sure he can do it.

Augie’s stats are dropping. He is confused and thinks Maggie is his mom.

Maggie is falling apart. She tells Sharon they are adopting Augie. And then they will be able to consent to the transplant. Sharon says that will take time. Maggie says if he doesn’t get the transplant because of a stupid rule he will die. Sharon says she’ll sign off on it and DCFS will not want her to go to the press. (Why didn’t she do this in the first place?)

Charles wants to have a session with Kelly and her mom. Kelly says she doesn’t remember any of the happy memories her mom was talking about. She couldn’t take it anymore and wanted to get it away and that’s why she jumped out of the car. Charles suggests that Kelly’s mom might be embellishing the memories. Her mom says it’s her fault she jumped out. She says she wanted to do all the things she said she did with her and didn’t. And then one day Kelly was kidnapped and she could never make it up to her. She just wants to be the mother she deserves.

Sharon has nixed the idea of a psych hold for Cindy. Marcel wants to talk to Cindy alone. She just wants to go home. He talks to her about how his daughter died of leukemia after her first birthday. She put up a hell of a fight. He doesn’t talk about it a lot. But he’s telling Cindy because her life is just as precious as his little girl’s. Cindy agrees to fight.

Nat wants to know how Marcel did it. He says he made it personal and walks off.

Charles has brought pizza for Anna. Anna says she’s bleeding. Charles says okay, let’s get your coat on and get you to the hospital.

Choi is upset with Will. Will says the presentation was important and he cleared all his patients. Choi wants to know how he’s supposed to run the department. Will says take this up with Goodwin.  April overhears.

Anna finds out she had a chemical pregnancy. She would never have even known if she was pregnant if she hadn’t taken a test. Nat leaves Anna and Charles alone. Charles says the only thing he and her mom agree on is how much they love her. Anna is glad he’s here. He hugs her. Anna says Mom doesn’t have to know, right?

Bowman has had his surgery. He’s amazed that he doesn’t have the pain anymore. He’s sorry for the horrible things he said. 

April praises Choi who says he got lucky. April is glad Choi didn’t give up. Choi was just trying to do his job. April says about Noah… she gets it. (Why????)

Augie wakes up hungry. He wants pizza. Maggie says he has to be able to hold down food first. Sharon nods at her as she passes by.

Will has given some thought to the offer and wants to go to the meeting. He’s not sure about ED anymore. He leaves with the research doctor.

Marcel comes home and opens a box with his daughter’s baby things. He finds a CD of her first birthday then closes the box and says no.

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Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

[Charles shows Nat Anna's pregnancy pamphlet]
Nat: Dan, I'm so sorry you had to find out this way.
Charles: HIPAA I get. But couldn't you have at least found a way to give me a little heads-up?

April: Hey. How you doing? Did you even make it home last night?
Choi: Huh? I'm kind of busy.
April: You're your own worst enemy, Ethan.