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Will wakes up with Veroni. He is busy texting and trying to make a good impression at work.

Anna is angry that Charles is making her come to work with him. He doesn't trust her because she keeps sneaking out of the house. They're interrupted by Mona (the stalker patient who is now obsessed with Charles). Charles tries to get Mona to go to her appointment with Dr. Lancester. Anna whispers to Charles after that Mona is weird.

Nat tells Will her mom has a heart appointment today. Meanwhile there was a big accident, overturned truck. Will knows the patient who comes in -- he's one of his trial patients.  They do their best to save him but he dies. Will is upset.

Carol's heart is failing. Nat asks Will about getting her into the trial. It's closed but Will agrees to talk to Veroni.

Meanwhile, Dean is back and Choi needs him to go on site of an accident with him to deal with a guy stuck under rubble.

A woman who had COVID comes in with chest pain and Marcel needs to check out her heart. She just wants her normal life back.

Dean says going here reminds him of when they were on their tour of duty in the Navy. Dean seems thrilled with this. Choi (who we know has PTSD) not so much.

Mona comes back into the ED with continuous vomiting. Halstead asks her if she took something to make herself sick. She won't tell them what she took. She wants Dr. Charles. She will only speak to him.

Sharon is not comfortable with Charles seeing Mona, especially since Mona has met Anna. Charles is worried Mona will kill herself one of these days but Sharon wants to wait for the tox screen and try to treat her that way.

The trapped man's wife doesn't want to leave and he doesn't want her to either. Choi and Dean can't put his intestines back together right now.

No heart problem with the COVID survivor. Next they need a chest CT.

Mona's stats start dropping. Will and Maggie try to get her to tell them what she took. She wants Dr. Charles.

Dean and Choi are about to transport their patient when someone shoots at everyone through the window.  Apparently there's a gang fight and the cops aren't letting anyone leave including the patient who needs to be transported. Dean seems to be upset but says he's fine. Eddie(the patient)  is in shock. He starts bleeding out...

Whatever Mona took didn't show up on the tox screen and she's dying, so Charles goes to talk to her. She won't tell him anything if he doesn't agree to be her doctor. He tells her he is not available for the kind of care she needs.  She insists he's different from Dr. Bridges because he actually hears her.  He says they can talk about that later if she tells him what she took.

Turns out Mona took insecticide.

Meanwhile Mrs. Forbes can't breathe.

Will gives Veroni coffee and asks her about getting Carol into the trial. Veroni says that would compromise the data. She says there's no way to know if the drug really works. Will says it DOES. He tells her about the patient he unblinded. Veroni says he's jeopardized the trial and both their jobs.  She will not make any exceptions to their enrollment.

Nat wants to talk to Veroni about Carol but Will convinces her it won't help.

Charles goes to talk to Mona who says his tie reminds her of her father.  She was close with him after her mom left when she was five. She has a weird reaction when he says he guesses she was glad not to share her dad with anyone.

Dean and Choi have to operate on site. Dean seems to be freaking out. Choi tries to talk him down.  It's finally safe to leave but Choi says hold on. They clamp the bleed first.

They find what might be tumors in Mrs. Forbes' lung.

Carol is not interested in an AICD that will cause discomfort even though she needs it to stay alive.

Mrs. Forbes has endometriosis in her lungs rather than her uterus. The cure would be to put her into menopause but she wants to have children. Marcel says he can remove part of the lung but that may not be permanent. Mrs. Forbes says it's worth it if she can still have a baby.

Mona doesn't want to talk about her father. She says he was always there when she was little. He didn't like her as much when she got older. She couldn't please him anymore. He couldn't stand being around her. A nurse interrupts and says Anna needs him -- it's an emergency. Charles doesn't want to leave but Mona says she understands he needs to be with his daughter.

Anna needs the WiFi password. Charles is angry that she interrupted him.  He comes back and Mona is gone. The orderly out front had to leave for a second.

Nat lies to a UPS guy and says the package Will was sending back has been picked up.

Will and Veroni go to dinner with some bigwig who thinks Will is amazing. He offers him a bigger role but Veroni says Will is an ED doctor. The guy asks would Will be willing to leave ED for being a researcher? Will says he would consider it. The bigwig gets a call and walks off, leaving Will and Veroni alone.

Choi tries to talk to Dean about PTSD and suggests Dean talk to Charles. Dean says he will text Charles but doesn't.

Anna asks Charles did he find Mona. Not yet. Anna cries. This is all her fault. She's sure he wishes she lived with her mom. Charles reassures her it isn't and she doesn't. It's not her job to please him but it is his to keep her safe. She runs to him for a hug.

Nat give Carol the stolen trial meds...


Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

Nat: You know this guy?
Will: Yeah. One of my trial patients.

Anna: I get that I'm grounded, but why do I have to come to work with you?
Charles: Because we need to talk.
Anna: I thought we talked plenty last night.
Charles: This is the third time I caught you sneaking out of the house. The third time I found your bed stuffed with clothes.
Anna: You never let me do anything! I'm like a prisoner!
Charles: I would like to be able to let you do more things, but that requires a certain level of trust. Pro-tip: If you want to be trusted, don't sneak out of the house in the middle of the night.