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Will and Hannah's banter about coffee is interrupted by Matthew Cooper showing up. Matt is here to get his heart checked before he goes on trial. He congratulates Will on buying an apartment building. After he goes, Hannah remarks that she didn't know that Will bought property.

Meanwhile, in a scene that looks more like a kidnapping than anything else, Stefan shows up and demands that Scott make a house call for a mob boss. Scott tries to demur by saying he's a pediatrician, but Stefan says that's perfect as it's the boss' kid who is sick. He and his boss rush Scott into a black limo.

Marcel is buying coffee at a stand outside the hospital when a woman screams for help. Her grandson is in the back seat. He's jaundiced and has a liver condition. She hopes it's not too late.

Scott is taken to the house, where he examines the little girl. He's pretty sure she has appendicitis. Her father wants a surgeon brought in here. He doesn't trust hospitals. Scott and his wife convince him to let Eva go to a hospital. He doesn't want Scott to leave his side.

The grandmother's labs look bad. She has type 2 diabetes and related problems. Blake tries to tell her she cannot donate part of her liver. She asks them to run the tests again as she has been exercising and watching her diet. Marcel agrees. Blake tells Marcel this was a bad idea as she doesn't expect the tests to be any better this time around.

Ethan talks to Charles about his confusion over his father's double life. They are interrupted by Ethan being paged to the ED.

Hannah comes to see a patient who is in labor. She and her husband seems super nervous. Maggie is trying to keep them calm. The cervix is 5 cm dilated, which means the baby is on its way.

Ethan's patient (Days of Our Lives' Shawn Christian) was doing a rope climbing/obstacle course with his daughter and fell. Archer thinks this looks straightforward and gives the case solely to Ethan.

The grandmother's labs are back. She has improved but it's still risky. However, if she gets clearance from cardiology and internal medicine she can go ahead and donate part of her liver. Blake tells her it's still risky. She knows. However, Zeke tells Marcel he can't do this. His parents died of COVID and he thinks he gave it to them because he was too young to be vaccinated at the time. He's afraid he may kill his grandma too.

Vanessa and Will see a patient who is suffering from extreme fatigue. He knew Maggie in high school, so he came here. He doesn't want to bother her, though. Vanessa asks what Maggie was like. The guy says she ran every club and was very popular. Will says that sounds like Maggie all right.

Marcel is nervous about the operation. Blake tells him he needs to put Zeke's fears out of his head as this is a complicated procedure.

Eva's mother prays. Eva had a health scare once before, as a baby, but everything was fine.

Peter and Sharon try to prep Will for the hearing. Will feels it's too high pressure. He can't do this and he has patients to see. Peter says at least he got an apartment out of this (really???). Peter plans to keep working Will hard so he will be ready for trial. Sharon thinks this is enough for now.

Ethan's patient is ready to be discharged. Ethan notices he is having trouble reading the hospital cafeteria menu even with his reading glasses. He looks at Miles' eyes and sees swelling. He asks to do an MRI. Miles is scared but agrees to it.

All the tests come back normal on Vanessa's patient. He eats trail mix just like her and is allergic to grapes and apples just like her. He has a headache, which he says always happens before bad news. Vanessa and Will discuss the possibility that he has an infection.

Eva is awake after surgery. It was a routine procedure. Everything should be fine. Naturally, she crashes, and the mob boss gets in Scott's face about wanting answers now. For the second time, his wife gets him to back off so Scott can run the tests he needs to.

We see Marcel and Blake operating.

Doris tells Will she has a tenant for his apartment. It's Asher. He vetoes that. Doris says she'll keep trying and they can discuss a finders' fee later.

Ethan looks at the MRI and shares it with Archer who says he'll back him up. They tell Miles that they think he has MS. They can discuss treatment options when his daughter returns. Miles is adamant that they are not to tell his daughter about this diagnosis.

Maggie helps Morgan give birth. The baby gets stuck and needs help coming out. It is born. Jesse thinks it is enormous.

Celeste crashes and starts bleeding. She needs to go back into surgery.

Choi rants to Dr. Charles that this is wrong, it's a betrayal for Miles to keep a secret about himself from his daughter. Charles tries to convince Choi that how Miles handles this is not Choi's business, but Choi won't listen.

All of Eva's tests have come back normal and she is suddenly breathing on her own. Her father starts ranting in Greek. Scott asks about the previous issue. It was similar. She stopped breathing for a second as a baby but was fine and it never happened again. Scott has an idea, but the test is very expensive.  The father throws down a wad of bills and says to run the test.

Miles' daughter asks Ethan what's up with her dad. She can tell he's not telling her something because he's insisting he's fine. Ethan can't tell her because of HIPAA laws. However, he gives her a card for the patient portal and suggests she help Miles set it up since he has a hard time seeing. That way "Miles" can see all the test results, etc.

Scott has gotten an answer. Eva has a genetic disease that impedes breathing. It's very mild and she had an episode because of the anesthesia. He suggests a CPAP. Her father thanks him.

In surgery, Blake realizes she didn't put a clip on the liver properly. She freezes up and then asks Marcel to take over.

Miles' daughter appears to be comforting her father. Archer assumes that Miles told her about his diagnosis. He thinks that must make Choi feel better. Choi tells Archer to keep the CoS position as he no longer wants it. Archer is surprised but won't argue.

Blake rants to Marcel that she's done thousands of these procedures and should have double-checked the clip. She could have lost the patient. Marcel says he pushed her to do the procedure so it's his fault. She snips at him that it's not always about him and leaves.

Milania apologizes to Scott for dragging him into this mess and the mobster who is always with the boss sees them talking.

Ethan gives Miles his discharge papers. Miles is angry. He asked him not to tell Anya and he did anyway. Miles says his daughter quit a new job in Seattle to take care of him and that's why he didn't want her to know the truth. Ethan leaves and Archer asks what he did. Ethan says something he shouldn't have. Archer thinks it's a good thing Ethan is no longer Chief.

Sharon asks Will to make time for another prep session. She thanks him for all he has done. She knows he's bearing the brunt of the consequences. He thanks her for not mentioning that he now owns an apartment. That's all anyone seems to care about. She tells him not to listen to them. He's a good guy.

Celeste asks Marcel to thank Blake for her, as she has not seen her. Marcel goes to find Blake, who is leaving. She says it's not him, it's her. He insists on knowing what's going on. She shows him that when she pinches her fingers, her hands shake. That's what led to the error in the OR. Something is wrong with her hands.

Vanessa tells Maggie that her friend is in the ED. He will be fine. Maggie wants to go say hello. Vanessa asks if he is her father. Maggie says no. Vanessa wants to know who is. Maggie won't tell her. They agreed never to contact Vanessa and Maggie can't break his confidentiality. Vanessa asks if Maggie can ask him if he wants to get to know her. Maggie has long ago fallen out of touch with him but will ask around to try to find out where he is. Vanessa hugs her.

Charles and Choi have a drink. Charles says at least now Miles and Anya can move forward together. Choi laments that he never got to talk with his dad about his dad's secret. Charles asks what his dad would have said about why he kept the secret. Choi says for the same reason Miles did. To protect him.





Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 20 Quotes

Woman: He has liver disease. He woke up this morning not feeling good and we rushed here as soon as we could. I hope it's not too late.
Marcel: Why didn't you call an ambulance?
Woman: We were outside the city. All the ambulances only serve local hospitals. We've been to them all. None of them will help. You're our last hope. Please save my grandson.

Will: Oat milk?
Hannah: It's supposed to be better for the environment, but I'm still drinking it out of a disposable cup, so...
Will: It's kind of a wash.
Hannah: Small-talking about coffee. We've become that type of co-worker.