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Scott awakens to find his undercover cop girlfriend dressing. She says they need to be careful. He offers her coffee. She says to go.

Her alarm rings while she's not in the room. Scott finds a lot of money in her bag while looking for her phone. She tells him it's department issued money. Scott says there's at least 50K in that bag. She promises him it's on the up and up. She gets mad and leaves.

Meanwhile, Choi shows up early. Maggie is disappointed. Archer tells him that if he needs another few weeks he can stay on as ED head for a few more weeks.

Daniel and Sharon sit with Sharon's daughter who is pregnant. Sharon tells her the story of when her daughter was born. Water broke while she was on her lunch break. Daniel has to go back upstairs. Sharon's daughter wants a home birth. A minute later she has pain and when she stands up she's bleeding. She is admitted to the hospital and says she has fibroids. Sharon says she should have told her as she has had fibroid issues. Archer sends Sharon out of the room.

Meanwhile, a guy comes in who has been shot in the chest. He was shot by an intruder in his own home. They examine him and the bullet went through him. Good breath sounds on the left and nothing on the right. Marcel orders a chest x-ray while Scott orders blood. A cop Scott knows shos up and says she's working the case on her day off. The intruder left the weapon behind. The victim was alone while his wife and kids were out of time.

Asher and Archer disagree on their approach. Asher says the fibroid is growing and could cause worse problems. Archer says there's no point to telling Tara that. Asher has an idea to do surgery that Archer doesn't like.

A Hispanic woman has been hit by a car. She seems to be freaking out and keeps asking to leave the hospital.  She won't explain why. Finally she tells Maggie she's not a citizen. Choi promises they will not turn her in. She tells them they can call her Leah.

Scott gets off the phone and calls Marcel over when the family comes in. Scott suggests the kids go to day care. They go into an office and explain Gavin's condition. The sister-in-law cries if she'd known she would have let him come along.  Also they don't know whether Gavin has any brain damage and won't know til he wakes up. Sister says Gavin wouldn't want to live if he can't take care of himself. She doesn't want him resuscitated if his heart stops again. Marcel says they need that in writing. A nurse interrupts. Ms. Wallace's son needs his blanket. Crystal tells the doctors that Darlene is in shock and that she and Gavin were having problems and that she was encouraging Darlene to divorce Gavin before this happened.

Leah has a potential bleed in her liver. Will says that they need to call angio now so that Leah can leave sooner.

Randall wants to see Will. He says that ICE is looking for an immigrant. Will says that his patient doesn't match the description but why are we playing ball with them? Randall says this is a special circumstance as this woman is suspected of international kidnapping.

Archer says that many women with fibroids have normal births. Asher jumps in that the fibroid is growing and it's a matter of time. Tara wants to have the surgery. Sharon doesn't think it's a good idea. Tara won't listen. Either support her decision or go.

The cop returns. The weapon was registered to Gavin. Marcel thinks this doesn't add up. Scott says that the sister said their were marital troubles but Marcel cuts him off. Crystal told him that in confidence. Scott runs after the cop to ask her about the money he found on Melana. She says the cops would never give an undercover 50K at once.

The woman admits to Will she took her son. He is with her friend Daphne and is safe. She says she had no choice. Her husband was abusive. He will kill her if she tries to divorce him and is powerful. She can't get asylum in the US as she has no records. She says she has to leave now and can't have an operation.

Scott tells Marcel that Darlene is the beneficiary of Gavin's new life insurance policy. That gives Darlene a motive for the shooting. Gavin starts crashing and Scott doesn't want to honor the DNR because Darlene may be lying to kill Gavin. Darlene is upset when the doctors try to resuscitate Gavin. Darlene wants to know why they did that but they take Gavin to the OR and ignore them.

Will looks it up and finds that Petra's husband keeps getting arrested for assault and then beating the charges. Will thinks the safest thing to do is let her leave. He says they are under no obligation to give Petra up. Also he doesn't think they should tell Ethan.

Sharon tells Daniel she will let him know when she hears something. He tells her he's not going anywhere and sits with her.

The surgery on Tara begins. They find a second fibroid. Archer says prepare to close. Asher says no. Archer says Tara didn't agree to this operation. Asher thinks she can remove both safely. Archer says dont' do anything til I get back and leaves. Asher goes after him.

Archer talks to Sharon and Daniel. He thinks they shouldn't continue with the surgery. Asher thinks they should. It is up to Sharon, who says it is too risky. Asher says she will not abandon her patient's wishes. She's requesting an emergency ethics committee meeting.

Peter confronts Scott, who tells him that off the record, Darlene might have been the one who tried to kill Gavin. Peter says Gavin better wake up.

Meanwhile, Petra is worsening and needs surgery now. Choi wants to know what is going on.

Sharon is upset that the ethics committee ruled in favor of Asher. Daniel tells Sharon she needs to trust her decision to bring Asher back here.

Ethan is angry that no one told him this from the start. Randall shows up and says you weren't forthcoming and the last thing we need is another FBI raid.. He suspends Will and tells Choi to tell him when Petra is out of surgery. Choi won't let Will explain.

Zora tells Scott that Darlene is on camera at a diner at the time of the home invasion.

There is tension between Archer and Asher during the surgery. Tara begins to bleed out.

Asher finds and clamps the bleed. All is well now. Archer says he will go tell Goodwin they are over the hump.

Marcel tells Scott that Gavin had a bruise on his big toe. Scott realizes that Gavin attempted suicide but wanted to make it look like it wasn't because of the insurance.

Sharon goes to see Tara, who says the baby is going to be okay. Sharon says she has to tell her what happened during surgery. Tara says she already knows and that she wants Sharon to understand that the moment she became pregnant, her Mama Bear instincts kicked in and she forgets sometimes she's Sharon's baby too. Sharon says Tara could never be still even in the womb and she is so in awe of her fearlessness. Daniel comes with flowers.  Sharon says she'll walk out with him. She tells Tara she loves her.

Scott and Marcel look at an x-ray. Yep, Gavin could have shot himself with his foot. Zora says he had gunshot residue on his foot.

Gavin wakes up and tells Darlene he is sorry. He thought Darlene and the kids would be better off without him. Scott and Marcel give them privacy. Zora wants to get a statement but Marcel says not yet. He goes off and Scott tells Marcel he put him in a tough spot. Marcel says we gave Gavin a second shot at life so he's glad he followed Scott's lead.

Will is fishing for info about Lea. Randall brings the cops in to get her. Will looks mad.

Choi is frustrated to discover that Petra has disappeared. He yells at the nurse and tells Randall she mus have left "somehow." Will smiles at Maggie.

Asher confronts Archer and says she gets it. She's a recovering addict. But she doesn't think Archer is doing that and she won't have him undermining her. She's called to Goodwin's office. Archer takes out a photo and looks at it.

Choi tells Maggie and Will he got an immigration attorney to help. Will says he should have read Ethan in from the start. Maggie says given his history, he can understand. Choi says a lot has changed for him in the past few months.

Choi catches up with Archer and thanks him for staying off as Chief, as he can use some extra time.

Asher goes to see Goodwin and is immediately defensive. Goodwin called her in to apologize, not to rake her over the coals. She says that Asher did the right thing, standing up to a patient's parent who is also her boss.

Scott gets in a car with Melana. She doesn't know why she's here. Scott says he knows she lied to him. She says he put her back against a wall. Scott says he knows that and he's sorry. He thought she was in danger or... and she says dirty? He's an ex-cop, but he realized that there was more to the story than how things look. Melana says she doesn't want to endanger either of them or jeopardize the investigation. Scott says he can handle being in the dark. He cares about her. He won't put her in that position again. She kisses him.



Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 18 Quotes

Choi: I swore Archer to secrecy. I don't want anyone making a fuss.
Maggie: You little... I had a banner all ready to go to the printer.

Scott: What is this?
Melana: What are you doing in my bag?
Scott: You didn't answer my question.
Melana: It's 1550 money. Department issued so I can make purchases.
Scott: There's at least 50k in here.
Melana: These guys aren't selling nickel and dime bags. They move some heavy weight. It's all on the up and up if that's what you're wondering.