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Sharon asks Will if anything is jumping out. Will says no. Sharon is relieved. Just then Cooper shows up and Will whispers about how green the pharmacological rep is. Sharon has to go and tells Will to make them think he's on board but don't actually pitch the machine. The rep is excited to see him and for his practice run. Archer sees her put her Vasik Labs bag down.

Maggie tries to set Scott up with her cousin. Scott gets a call and says a family is in trouble b ut doesn't want Maggie to call anyone.

Scott shows up and a kid is freaking out. The cops show up while Scott is trying to calm the kid down and pull their guns on him. Scott tells them he's a doctor and this man is experiencing a psychiatric episode. The cops stand down (too bad this never happens in real life!). Roland is still freaking out and says he can't see Scott. Scott tries to talk him down.  Roland whispers help me. The whole crowd including the cops is watching as Roland comes over and clings to Scott, crying.

Vanessa has a list of patients for Marcel that she has already seen and done something with. Marcel wonders how she did it when he is 30 minutes early. He wants her to pace herself. She won't listen and he gives her a prescription for a break. Maggie whispers to Stevie that Vanessa is falling for Marcel. Stevie doesn't seem very interested. She calls Vanessa to help her with the next case.

Woman has had a seizure and might also lose an arm.

Will's patient has been puking. Young guy with a frat t-shirt and smells like a keg. He thought he was hung over but his hangover elixir isn't working. It's coconut water with some other stuff in it.

Archer says something about Will and the pretty rep. Will insists it's just business.

Scott calls for a psych tech and tells the guy no restraints when he gets here. Roland is sitting in a room looking freaked out. Dr. Charles arrives and Scott fills him in.  Charles goes to see the patient.

Meanwhile Will practices his presentation for Cooper and the rep. Archer walks in and says he left his water bottle.  He seems interested in Will's presentation but is looking at papers. He complains about the price. Cooper agrees and asks Will what he thinks. Will talks about how it's not overpriced. Archer says he doesn't think they need this when they already have machines that do this. Archer and Will argue. Archer still has a flip phone and doesn't appreciate Will's smartphone analogy.

Vanessa and Stevie look at the patient's CT and realize she has cancer. It was in remission but may be back.

Charles thinks Roland had an adverse reaction to his meds. He thinks the dose is actually too high and will reassess in a bit. Scott says he's known the family a long time. Roland is shy and sensitive and his neighborhood is a war zone. Charles is glad Scott was there for Roland today.

Marcel sees another patient. He needs to run more tests given the chest x-ray. The man talks about how he's supposed to be on this bike ride that tires him out just to look at.

The cancer patient says she had a brain tumor when she graduated high school. It was removed and she was fine, or so she thought, but the cancer keeps coming back. Stevie suggests the tumor could be benign but she needs another biopsy. The patient isn't interested. All the biopsies have messed her up and she's done with treatment for her brain cancer. She only wants her arm treated, nothing else.

Stevie tells Vanessa the diagnosis is wrong. Her type of cancer is supposed to be fatal but the patient's survived 30 years. She and Vanessa decide to look for the original pathology report.

Pam talks to Scott. They were on the bus to look at city college when this happened. She was hopeful this was a new beginning for him but the crowded bus and traffic freaked him out. If Scott hadn't come the cops might have shot her son.

Meanwhile, Will realizes the kid he's seeing has a tear in his stomach from eating an ice cube. Archer will do the surgery. Will suggests the Vas Com machine. Archer says no.

Cooper suggests Will focus on the CBC's negatives when selling the Vas Com.

Marcel thinks the patient has an aortic tunor. Some heart guy insists it has to be an aneurysm because that's more common. Just send him to me and I'll put in a stent.

Stevie says it's slow getting the original files. She leaves to talk to Maggie and Marcel comes in and bothers Vanessa about how she needs to stop and get lunch. He has homemade food for her and tells her to take five and recharge.

Roland apologizes to Charles for his behavior earlier. Charles wants to come in. Roland is surprised that a psychiatrist wants to talk to him rather than just write a scrip. Roland tells Charles that Scott isn't around as much now and he misses him. Roland says that Scott is not scared of anything. Roland feels like a shadow is going to attack him whenever he's outside. He never sees it inside. Charles says he's gonna talk to Scott. Roland is surprised that Charles doesn't have a checklist for him like the other doctor.

Charles tells Scott he's surprised Roland doesn't hear voices and doesn't think he has schizophrenia.

Will is doing stuff on a computer when a nurse walks in. Archer is done with the surgery. The nurse says the CVC machine has the wrong vitgals. It is related to a bad cable. New cable fixes it. Will is glad it worked out.

Marcel's patient screams for help and is in worse pain and can't move his legs. Marcel says to himself no way this is an aneurysm.

Marcel discovers a tumor in the patient's spine.

Charles tells Pam that Roland has bipolar disorder, not schizophrenia. African American males are sometimes misdiagnosed. His mom realizes that racism played a role in this. Today could have been avoided -- can this be fixed? Charles says that he wants to re-assess and try an outpatient clinic. He leaves and Pam asks what Scott thinks. He trusts Charles.

The tumor patient doesn't see what the difference is between diagnoses. She might not have cancer. However she would need another biopsy to see. There is better technology now. Stevie doesn't think the woman has cancer given her longevity. The woman agrees to the biopsy.

A cardiothoracic surgeon comes in and praises Marcel -- however he wants to take over the case. Marcel argues with him. He's only a general surgeon according to the new surgeon, who will let him observe but not participate.

Will tells Sharon he almost screwed up the CVC machine and is scared he will do it for real. Sharon trusts him but says if it's too much for him, tell her.

It turns out the cancer patient never had cancer. The original pathologist thought the tumor was benign but he was young and didn't trust his own instincts. Ashley has wasted 30 years but Stevie says she is no longer living on borrowed time.

Scott comes to see Charles. He says if he hadn't been there, Roland could have been arrested or shot. Most cops are good guys but don't know how to deal with mental illness. Anyway there's a program for crisis intervention that's stalled at CPD. Scott wants Charles to help him with it. Charles is in.

Vanessa goes to get a snack while Marcel is there. She asks if he's okay. He says he is upset that Simms took the case at the last minute. Vanessa takes his hand and he pulls away. Vanessa apologizes. Marcel says we're good, don't worry. She says she has to go and leaves.

Hammer tells Maggie that Vanessa will be okay and goes to talk to her. Vanessa is so embarrassed. Stevie says welcome to the club. She had a crush on her advisor too when she was a medical student. Eventually she married him and it didn't work out. An ambulance shows up so they have to get back to work.

Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 4 Quotes

Cop: Step back!
Scott: I'm trying to help -
Cop: Sir, stand back and let us do our jobs.
Scott: I'm a doctor. There's my badge. This man is experiencing a psychiatric episode.

Maggie: So I was wondering -
Scott: Not interested.
Maggie: You don't even know what I was going to say.