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Will talks to a fire guy who tells him his building is in violation of codes and will be assessed fines of $700/day until they are fixed. He suggests Will demolish the building.

Archer visits his son in prison. His son thinks he got old. It's been 15 years. He wasn't sure Archer was coming. Archer explains it takes a while to get granted visitation. He asks him about a plea deal the lawyer offered. He wants to get him a new lawyer. His son is cool with it.  His son doesn't want to talk to him. Archer says he gives up to easily. Sean says he gave up on him and decides this is not a good idea. He storms off when Archer asks if he is using.

Will and Hannah argue over what to do about the building. A family comes in who has been in a car crash. They may be homeless. Will goes to check the kid out. The kid has a sore arm and a chrysalis in a jar. He says that they were looking for a parking spot and Mom drove off the road. Will goes to talk to Henry's mom. He goes to talk to the mother who seems out of it and refuses to give consent for Henry to have his arm set. She doesn't believe that she was in a crash and says you are with the collection agency and you can't have our souls. She is quickly sedated.

Sharon needs everyone's attention. She says they are running low on key supplies such as dialysis tubing, contrast dyes, and syringes. She's frustrated with supply chain disruptions but is trying to find solutions. She wants everyone to remember they are all in it together.

Will and Asher talk to Charles about Jenna. Charles wants to wait for the tox screen but he will talk to Henry while he is waiting.

Archer is glad Choi is back from his vacation. Choi says he was here early. Archer lies and says he had to get his oil changed. A resident shows up and wants a consult. Archer pushes him off to Choi but returns when he hears the patient's name is Albert Moreno. Albert has ALS and communicates using computer text-to-speech. He might have pneumonia and has junky-sounding lungs. Archer wants to use a bronchoscope, with light sedation so he can intubate. Albert doesn't want any sedation. Choi has another idea that he thinks is worth a shot.

Henry says his hand doesn't hurt. Are you here to take me away from my mom? Charles says no and asks him about the chrysalis. Henry talks about that instead of about what's going on with his mom. He says she's a girl and soon she will break out and be beautiful again.

Charles doesn't think the mom has had a psychotic break. The tox screen is clear; however, he will talk to the mother. Will and Asher are impatient to get around the mom. Charles says that would require a DCFS intervention and he wants to make sure they're right before they go there.

Grant shows up with a co-worker who needs medical attention. Maggie discourages the asking of favors but Vanessa shows up and agrees to it.

Al is struggling to breathe. The resident is scared to hit Al's back as hard as required to clear his mucus. Archer tells Choi quietly he will not lose this patient.

Vanessa tells Keith he is lucky. THey can remove the stick without harming his eye. He is worried that she is not qualified. Grant says she is top of her class. The procedure takes two seconds.

Grant is so proud. He tells Maggie that Vanessa is her spitting image.  Grant refuses to go before Keith is discharged. Maggie doesn't want to have lunch with Grant and Vanessa but Vanessa insists. Maggie says not for another hour.

A gunshot victim comes in. Marcel catches the case. They check him out and need an Xray. A resident asks why they need one when the guy was shot in the leg. Marcel wants to double check the bullet didn't travel and sends the resident away.

Charles goes to talk to Jenny. She thinks the other doctors are only pretending and are lying about Henry's arm. She insists the x-ray is fake and wants to see a sueprvisor. Suddenly she freezes and forgets Charles' name. She doesn't want anyone to treat her son. Charles says he wants to treat her. She says there's nothing wrong with her but Charles gets to her agree to a head CT. Charles says that he wants Abrams to consult. This doesn't seem like psychosis, maybe something neurological. Will is annoyed that means Hnery's arm has to wait.

Archer tries to insist on the broncosope. Al does want it. Archer says this will kill you! Today! Al doesn't care. He's ready to die. Archer says really? Just like that? (Sounds like his conversation with his son).  Archer asks Al about his family. He's about to have a second grandchild but his biggest fear is being stuck on a ventilator. Archer promises he won't let that happen

Marcel's patient has not been prepped because there is no contrast dye. Marcel is aggravated but goes to check with raidology.

Radiology has only one drop of dye and Charles' patient gets it. Marcel shows up. He insists he needs the dye -- stop the procedure.

Abrams and Marcel go to Sharon to argue their case. Marcel says it's a bigger risk for his patient. Abrams says his might have an aneurysm or something. Ty, Marcel's resident argues. Sharom rules in Abrams' favor.

Choi's intern is nervous and shaky trying to intubate. Zach has never done this before because they couldn't do hands-on learning during COVID. Archer says get out of my way but he needs another tool. Choi tries to talk to Archer about helping people transition to death. Maybe they shouldn't do the procedure on Al. Archer says in the ED they save lives, not end them on purpose.

Ben shows up at the hospital. He has to wait for his blood work because of a lack of syringes. He is free for lunch. Maggie suggests a food truck so that they can avoid Vanessa and Grant.

Marcel's patient has disappeared. Kai has found an alternative way to do the test with CO2 which Marcel says is dangerous. The patient codes just as Marcel thought. They try to save the patient. Stats go back up. Marcel tells Kai he is lucky he didn't kill him. Kai doesn't understand how it happened. Marcel tells him not to call him by his first name.

Jenny's scan is clear and she tries to take Henry away. Henry screams to listen to the doctors. She breaks his jar and walks on the broken glass. She's in a lot of pain. Henry is devastated. Will wants the court order now.

DCFS takes temporary custody until Jenny is able to take care of Henry again. Henry seems depressed and asks where those people took his mom. Will introduces him to the DCFS worker and offers a specimen cup for the chyrsalis. The DCFS worker promises to keep it safe.

The broncoscopy works. Archer tells Maggie grab him when Al wakes up. Vanessa shows up and Maggie explains Ben doesn't know yet about Grant. Vanessa apologizes. Maggie says it's not her fault.

Marcel says let's see how bad the damage is. Kai seems to freeze up when he sees the man's innards. There is a fistula. Kai says no one could have seen that.

Charles' resident thinks maybe it's atypical bipolar and suggests meds.Asher shows Charles Jenny's stats and says it has to be physiologically. She has abnormalities in her chest which could be a tumor that causes weird behavior. Charles stops Cuavez from adminstering meds.

Keith is ready to leave. Grant insists on thanking Maggie who needs to get away from him. Vanessa sends Grant away with Keith as Ben walks up.

Archer starts to extubate. Al seems to be having trouble breathing and Archer decides to stop the procedure. Al freaks out. Archer has him restrained and sedates him. He promises he'll get him off this thing.

Marcel's patient makes a full recovery. He didn't think he was going to make it. Kai seems upset that the guy thanks Marcel. He confronts Marcel about taking all the credit. He complains that Marcel talks down to him and didn't stand up to Abrams for him. Marcel says he was impressed with how Kai nearlykilled the patient.

Archer looks at Al sadly.

Ben tells Maggie he loves her. She says she needs to tell him something. He says you don't want to go bowling? Maggie tells him that she helped Vanessa find her bio dad. She didn't know how he would ake it. He's wondering why she is telling him. He's not happy that she didn't tell him Grant was here today. She says she told Grant she's not interested in him. Vanessa was happy to have him in her life. Ben says glad to hear it and walks off.

Sharon asks how today went with Dr. Tanaka-Reid. Kai has filed an HR complaint. She is sure Marcel had a reason, but Marcel refuses to fire a counter coplaint. He is sure they will find some common ground, as we are all in this together.

Asher tells Will the surgery might have cured Jenny. Henry runs to Jenny. She apologizes to everyone. The chrysalis has turned into a butterfly

Choi gives Zach a dummy to practice intubation on for two weeks.

Archer goes to the prison and apologizes to his son.

Will watches his building blow up.


Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 2 Quotes

Sean: You got old.
Archer: It's been a long time.
Sean: 15 years.
Archer: I would have been here sooner, but it takes a while to get visitation. Um, ,so I spoke to your lawyer and she said something about a plea deal?
Sean: Yeah, she doesn't think we can fight this.
Archer: YOu know what, I'm gonna get you a new lawyer, someone who knows what they're doing.
Sean: It's okay. I'm cool with this.
Archer: You're cool with going to jail?
Sean: Dad, really, it's fine.
Archer: You always do this. Ever since you were a kid, you always gave up too easily.
Sean: Like the way you gave up on me?

$700 a day. Can you believe that? It's like I've been hit by a truck and they're trying to get the little bit of blood I got left.