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Archer takes a bunch of pills. He's here early. He says it's an alarm mishap and he wants to take a nap here. Maggie says he can use Room 2 but a teen puked in there earlier.

Archer goes into the room and does something with his injuries.

A new resident, Dr. Liu, arrives. Will mistakes him for an attending. Liu explains he did search and rescue before med school. Choi knows him and greets him enthusiastically.

A 15-year-old comes in with confusion. Mom says Lydia has been fatigued for weeks. She also had swelling in her legs. Lydia doesn't want them to check her eyes. She's jaundiced too. Will orders a bunch of tests including an ultrasound. Liu tells Will he thinks Lydia has advanced liver disease. Will concurs. But why?

Maggie gets something in the mail. She goes to Choi. She's thrilled for him and April. She has their wedding invitation in her hand.

Marcel comes to see Sharon and Peter. Peter explains they haven't raised enough funds for an expensive technology Marcel needs. They want him to go to dinner with Dayton to get him to pay for it. Peter thinks that Dayton owes Marcel. Marcel says his patients owe him n othing. Sharon understands that Marcel doesn't want to do it but tells him time and place anyway.

Archer insists on asking Asher's opinion on a renal scan even though she isn't a nephrologist.

Asher overhears a woman saying she doesn't want to fill out forms. She and Cuaves approach the woman. The woman asks how do you know if something happened to you? Her name is Gloria but she doesn't want her name recorded. She explains she went to a party and was supposed to meet her cousin. She couldn't find her. She doesn't remember what happened. She had one drink and that's the last thing she remembers. She woke up and was still at the warehouse in a room she didn't recognize. Her underwear was gone and she didn't know what happened.

Lydia has an autoimmune disease which has caused liver failure. Lydia needs a liver transplant but with meds her cognitive function can be restored. They need a living donor but the mom is a recovering alcoholic. They have to run tests first to check her liver function but if she's been sober 6 months she can donate.

Grant wants to show Maggie something. She tries to say no but he convinces her to see what he's got. She'll meet him in 20 minutes.

Choi tells Charles he wants to be the man he wants to be and the life he wants to have. That's why it's so easy with April. A guy comes in and says there's a homeless guy a few blocks away who is very ill. Choi and Charles go to the alley and find Buddy unconscious. . Choi finds a wound by his belly.

Gloria says my name won't be attached? They promise her she can stay anonymous and it's up to her to decide whether to call the cops. They start the rape kit.

Marcel says that the liver is not strong enough to donate. Danielle could end up needing a liver herself.

Grant has gotten his classic car fixed. Maggie loves this car. That's why she gave him the time of day in high school. She agrees to a quick spin.

The neighbor says no one knows Buddy's real name. He's friendly but talks to himself. Buddy still has an ID bracelet from Hawley hospital.

Danielle says Lydia is the only child and her father died in a drunk driving accident. Will says it's impossible to predict how long it will take to get a transplant. Liu says he has met many parents in S&R who are desperate to help and can't. He says her kidneys are healthy, if only that's what was needed. Will has an idea.

At a light, Grant is staring at Maggie. It always gave him a rush to see her next to me. They almost kiss but Maggie says  no. The light changes and people honk. Grant starts going and some car comes through the red light on the other side and crashes into Maggie's side of the car.

Marcel says there are very few trans-organ exchanges in the world. Marcel isn't sure about this. They have to loop in legal. Marcel says he has a patient who couldn't donate his kidney to his wife. He and Liu will look into this.

Sharon interrupts. Maggie was in a car accident. Maggie seems okay but Grant has a lot of bleeding in his leg. Maggie keeps trying to diagnose Grant. Sharon takes her away.

Gloria's labs came back positive for GHB -- date rape drug -- and evidence of sexual assault. There was bruising and a fingerprint pattern. STD tests are negative but she needs to retest in 2  - 3 weeks. Pregnancy test was also negative but again, retest in two weeks. Gloria wants to go home. They wanted to talk to her about mental health but she doesn't want to. They give her their numbers and their info. She doesn't want to involve the police. She is sure they wouldn't press charges anyway. She needed to know for herself. She doesn't want anyone to know. Asher tries to push her but Cuevas cuts that off and explains that she suspects Gloria is undocumented. Let's not push too hard. Asher says but there are protections. Cuevas tells her to respect Gloria's feelings.

Buddy says he went to the hospital before. A nice lady drove him. He guessed he needed to go to the hospital. He fixates on how the woman bought him dinner.

Archer says Buddy was given surgery for Afib when there's no evidence. Choi thinks this is Medicaid fraud.

Maggie tells Sharon it's not what it looks like. Will updates on Grant. Sharon says Maggie is stubborn but fine. Maggie says Ben is away and she'll tell him about the accident when he comes ome Friday.

Haley talks to Asher about another patient who reported a similar rape at the same party.

Marcel and Will talk to the kidney patient. Her husband is excited but Roberta has questions. Marcel admits liver surgery is harder. She says no. Frank says the kids need their mom. He wants to do this. Roberta consents.

Cuevas doesn't think they should talk to Gloria. Asher wants to try. Cuevas says Gloria knows the system won't protect her. Asher insists it'll hurt Gloria to carry this for the rest of her life. Her college roommate was raped and didn't report it and began to believe she didn't matter, and eventually killed herself. She's not insensitive but she's seen the other side of this, the consequence of sweeping a trauma under the rug.

Charles says the cardiologist that worked on Buddy has moved around a lot. He keeps losing privileges. Choi says Buddy has advanced prostrate cancer and they can't do anything. Archer is upset that Dr. Bogus didn't do anything about this.

Will says Grant has blood pooled up in his leg but it will resolve on his own. Come back next week for an ultrasound.

Grant tells Maggie he crossed the line and he was sorry. Maggie says they both forgot themselves for a moment. Grant realizes they can't be friends given their history.  Maggie takes his hand, then leaves.

Asher talks to Gloria. She hopes she attends a support group. She is happy to see Cuevas. Cuevas shares with her that she is undocumented. Her family emigrated before she could walk and as a DACA recipient she's legal now but she keeps her immigration status to herself. She trusts Gloria and Dr. Asher not to tell anyone. If Gloria wants to report now or in the future they know someone who will have her back. Gloria hugs her.

Marcel introduces the patients to each other. Liu says to Marcel and Will that he hopes this procedure becomes common place. Marcel realizes its a quid pro quo. Liu offers to buy them all beers but Marcel decides to go to the dinner.

Gloria agrees to talk to Haley. Cuevas hopes they will find the rapist. She asks Asher not to tell anyone about her immigration status. It hasn't been easy. Her future always feels precarious because of legal changes and DACA being up in the air. She's glad she's surrounded by good people she can trust.

Maggie comes to see Sharon. She says she feels okay but she's decided not to tell Ben about the accident, ever. Sharon asks if she is sure. Maggie sees no reason for him to know. Grant has caused a lot of problems in their marriage already. Sharon wonders how she would feel if the roles were reversed. Maggie says she can't... Sharon tells her to give it time and she doesn't have to decide this minute.

Marcel shows up at the dinner. Jack is glad to see him. Marcel tells Sharon he was overly concerned with the optics. Jack says let's get the business talk out of the way so we can enjoy dinner. Sharon starts making a speech about how great the surgeons are etc. Marcel explains about the need for this technology. Jack says they are setting their sights too low. He will do something even better.

Archer comes in. Choi has Buddy's belongings. They include a childhood photo. Choi was unable to track down family. He says Buddy is going to die from a survivable cancer. The system failed him and people like him. When did they decide that that's okay? He is not going to let this be okay.


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Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 8 Quotes

Marcel: Uh oh.
Peter: Why does my mere presence engender this response in your doctors?
Sharon: Take a wild guess.

Will: So what are you thin king?
Liu: Empathic encephalopathy. What? You didn't expect an intern to know the answer?