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Maggie has invited Grace to a bowling event. She is not at all subtle about trying to set her up with Will. Grace tells Will how she loves bowling since college.

Archer sees a nephrologist and doesn't want any advice about how to live his life.

Daniel finds out his daughter is applying to Standford rather than only schools in Chicago.

A filmmaker is recording as Marcel works with a patient with a rare disease that makes it hard for him to move. Sharon explains how social media tagged Marcel and he presented the case to Jack who agreed as long as they made the film. There are severe risks but Marcel says 2.0 will help. Abrams shows up and wants to talk because it's his surgery. He's quite obnoxious about it as usual and makes it clear he is the lead surgeon. He's also rude when the documentarian asks him to translate his explanation into layman's terms.

Sharon admits that she doesn't like the idea of the film but George tells her it will put Gaffney on par with the Mayo Clinic.

Hannah teases Will about "Will and Grace" (someone had to).

Sean meets Archer in the lobby. Hannah got him a job parking cars.

Archer is upset that Zac asks how he is and also tells Hannah he doesn't like Sean working here because he doesn't want him to know about his condition.

Charles wishes Marcel luck right before the surgery. Charles notices that the patient's mother is restless and putting things away. She says every day her son gets less strong. She is upset that she can't be in the OR with her son.

Archer and Zac have a patient who has been T-boned. Archer is annoyed that Zac keeps asking if he needs extra help. He's also pressuring Zac to hurry up before the guy dies. Archer says the guy needs surgery, then enarly doubles over in pain himself.

Abrams tells Marcel he doesn't like publicity i his OR. He only took the case because he didn't think another neurosurgeon could do it.

Will sees a woman who is vomiting ad nauseated post-partum. He asks Hannah for her input. Hannah says it could be pre-eclamspia and orders tests. She apologizes for teasing Will about Grace. Will says Grace is a nomad anyway so how can he get involved with her?

Abrams doesn't want 2.0's opinion but Marcel insists. Abramas is rude when the cameraman asks how 2.0 helps. Abrams also refuses to let 2.0 do an ultrasound instead of moving the patient but Marcel convinces him. Abrams hopes Marcel is right.

The camerman comes out. He wants to interview the mother about this possible complication. Sharon won't let him. He threatens to call Jack.

Abrams says the core compression looks okay and asks Marcel to ask 2.0 for the next step.

Hannah says that tests show nothing.

Archer gets mad because Doris offers him her seat and he's not an invalid. He snaps at Zac, who also thinks Archer shouldn't do the procedure. Archer tells him to get a different case and he will do the procedure.

Maggie tells Archer not to talk to residents that way but he won't listen. Archer has significant pain while doing the procedure and Maggie insists he go to bed.

Hannah tells the patient that her symptoms are caused by stress. The patient says she does't want to miss anything now that she has a baby. She collapses and Will calls for help with a possible stroke.

Marcel tells the cameraman to back away. The patient begins crashing. Abrams and Marcel argue about what to do. The cameraman is int he way while Marcel tries to do a delicate llifesaving procedure.

Archer has torn a stitch and Maggie says it's overexertion. Archer doesn't like everyone looking at him like he's sick. Maggie explains how she felt the same way after her cancer diagnosis but learned it is not weakness to accept help. She also says Zac needs to be encouraged.

Charles is with the patient's mother and gets a call the surgery is complete and that the patient will eventually be able to walk again. The mother cries and says she has been waiting for this for years. But what will happen now that she won't need to take care of her son? She feels guilty about her feelings. How can she be so selfish? Charles says every parent goes through this when their children become independent. But she will always be this man's mother.

Will explains that the patient has Moya Moya disease. They can reduce the risk of another stroke but not completely prevent it. They don't want to do surgery yet. The woman wants the surgery/  She says ideal times never come and she wants the surgery now.

Archer has finally decided to sit and calls Zac. He says there is a simulation dummy for practicing this procedure and since it's physically demanding he wants Zac to learn it.

The mother comes to see her son. He says she looks so beautiful. She thinks she's old.

George tells Sharon that he thinks she should let the cameraman film this. He believes in Jack's vision. Jack wants them to be a leader in cutting edge health care.

Hannah and Will talk. Will admits he's into Grace. Hannah suggests maybe he's not over Natalie. She tells him he deserves to be happy.

The cameraman interviews Marcel. He wants to hear Marcel's feelings during the emergency. Marcel says that the important thing is how 2.0 helped the patient.

Abrams thinks Marcel has terrible taste in heroes. He says Dayton is ordering that only paying customers use 2.0 from now on.

Will sees Grace in the break room. He offers to buy her a cup of coffee. She says it isn't a good idea but then suggests a drink instead.

Hannah sees rcher and Sean hug/ Archer says he told Sean he needs dialysis but nothing else. Hannah is glad he told Sean. Archer asks Hannah for a favor.

Anna tells Daniel she applied early decision to U of Chicago. She wasn't serious about Stanford. She would miss him too much. Daniel says the right school is the right school. Also it's not her job to worry about him.  Anna decides to apply.

Hannah has come to Archer's home to change his bandage. She insists on staying.

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Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 17 Quotes

Maggie: Who do you think you're kidding with this tough guy act? Everyone here knows what you're going through.
Archer: That's the problem. Everyone's looking at me like this sick old man. 'Do you want this chair? Are you sure you can do this?' I'm a doctor in this ED, not a patient.

It is not weakness to let people be kind. It's strength.