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Choi notices that Will and Asher are getting along. Will claims they're just friends. He asks about April. Choi says it's easier the second time around.

Maggie sends Zach to treatment 3. There is no attending so she asks Charles to supervise. The patient comes in. Possible head injury, confusion. Zach has no scrubs.

There are no scrubs. Will gets an idea. Maybe they can go to the hospital thrift shop.

Zach orders a head CT. The woman says she wants it out of her and asks for Blake. She stabs herself and starts bleeding.

Marcel tells his patient that the transplant looks like it took. Jack asks why he is dressed like an engineer. Marcel explains that the hospital is out of scrbs. He heads downstairs, where a doctor tells him he wants Marcel to speak at a conference. Blake was supposed to but she had a setback and had to drop out.

The delivery guy says the dryers were broken in the warehouuse. Sharon wonders if he is holding the scrubs hostage because of a breakdown in negotiations.

Asher feels like a bank teller in her new clothes. Some guy screams for help. A womman is having a baby in the back of the car.  Fortunately, Asher and Will are right there to help.

Marcel talks to someone related to the patient. He did the transplant. The man says this patient has such an ordered mind and this is not like her. He tells Charles the woman began to be confused and agitated about a month ago.

Mia is in labor. Her neighbour is told they are about to tow his van. He runs off to take care of it. Mia has no one to call. She's here going to school. Asher does an ultrasound and the baby is breech. They will need to do a C-section.

Ethan has scrubs because he does his own laundry. Kai asks if that was a Navy thing and calls him a Dudley Do-Right.

An inmate comes in who has been stabbed in the neck. Archer asks the EMT about the inmate. She tells him that the guy's name is also Archer -- it's Sean.

Archer takes over and asks for a neck x-ray.

Charles realizes the immunosuppressant drug Renee is taking is causing the psychosis.  Seth thinks they should take her off meds but her body will reject the kidney. Charles suggests an anti-psychotic. Marcel tells Seth not to worry.

Archer yells at Kai to take Sean to the OR and he wants the shackles off. Ethan tells him in a whisper that Archer should not be the one doing the surgery.

Sharon goes to talk to someone about the scrubs and insists on talking to him. The assistant doesn't think this is an emergency. Sharon points out that they will have to cancel elective surgeries until this is straightened out.

Doris has put a care package together for Vanessa. Ben shows up. A student fell off the jungle gym. Will and Asher show up in these stiff white suits. It's all that's left.

Renee seems scattered and out of it. She doesn't remember the prize she's up for. Seth hopes that it will wear off. She's at the lowest dose. Marcel suggests a different antipsychotic. Charles says it's worth a try.

Asher and Will are not happy with their clothes as they do the C-section. There is a complication with the delivery.

Another prisoner comes into the hospital after getting into it with a CO. A cop tells Archer this is the guy who shanked the other guy. The guy tells Archer he can't breathe. Archer just stands there. Kai offers to place the chest tube. Archer says he got it.

Renee has become catatonic. Charles says as long as she's taking the immuno-suppressant this will happen. Seth wants to take her off the immunosuppressant. Marcel opposes this. Seth asks if they can remove and re-donate the kidney. Charles says they need to talk to the ethics committee. Seth says he has her advance directive. Marcel says  no, he won't do that surgery. He walks out.

Cheryl calls and tells Sharon she's all set for tomorrow. Sharon gets on the phone. Doesn't Fred realize this can't wait? Apparently he has a 2 o'clock teatime.

Choi tells Archer that Sean will be okay. Archer walks off. Choi sees Archer looking at the other inmate.

Grant shows up to put something in Vanessa's care package. Ben stares as Grant and Maggie talk. Maggie introduces Grant to Ben.

Kai is taking the other inmate for a CT scan on Choi's orders. Choi and Archer argue about whether Archer should be on this case. Choi threatens to go to Goodwin.

The baby is finally born. Asher is having problems with the suit. Maya crashes all of a sudden.Asher says somehow the patient is ODing. They need Narcan. They bring Maya back and she asks what happened.

Fred is running to the links. He thinks the hazmat suits will do for now. He says they can do without scrubs if they need to. Sharon says he's wrong. She says they are going to postpone elective surgeries. He says 48 hours and the union will cave. Sharon refuses.

Maya says she has never done drugs in her life. Will this keep her from taking her baby home? Asher tlls her to get some rest.

A tech says Maya was telling the truth but they'll run more tests. Will is itching because of the hazmat suit.

Charles tells Marcel Ethics is thinking it over and there's already a match for the kidney. He says that this is better than just destroying the kidney. Marcel says Blake showed him how to do this procedure and that he messed up Blake's surgery. Charles says he can't let that get in the way. He says Seth knows Renee's mind.

Kai says they have found issues on the chest CT. The patient starts coding. Archer cuts into him. Still no pulse. Choi shocks the heart successfully. Archer sands there loking upset.

Ben says Zach won't sign off on his student until she gets an MRI. Ben complains that the place is unresponsive. Maggie asks if he is upset by Grant bringing in that jacket. He says she wasn't going to have anything to do with Grant. Maggie says it's about Vanessa. Ben says it's always about Maggie. A security guy shows up.

Maggie tells Asher that the guy that brought Maya in was trafficking drugs. Maybe they were all exposed. Asher runs in to talk to Will and finds him on the floor. She gives him Narcan and says they must decontaminate now.

Asher checks on Will who says he's okay. He thinks she should go first into the shower She doesn't see what the big deal is. They shower next to each other and Asher helps Will scrub. She says they're back where they began as they met when he gave her Narcan.

Ben's student is released and the patient's mother thanks him and Maggie but Ben won't talk to Maggie.

Sharon has gotten a huge shipment of scrubs. Jack comes in and explains how he took care of it. He wants to take selfies. Sharon whispers to Maggie this is not a viable long-term strategy.

Renee is awake and okay now. She tells Seth she would have done the same thing. Seth says they will get through this together.  Marcel watches them being close.

The drugs were in Maya's socks. She can't believe Gus was dealing drugs. But the baby wasn't exposed and they are both healthy and safe.

Will invites Asher to go get a burrito but she thinks she needs to go to a meeting. Will doesn't go with her as he doesn't think he'll ever touch opioids again.

Archer and Choi talk. Archer feels guilty about Sean. He feels he was a bad father and now he helped save the life of a guy who tried to kill him. He tells Choi he didn't tell him what was going on with Sean because he was ashamed.

Kai is ready to extubate Sean but Archer insists on doing it for his son.

Sean awakens and asks where he is. He says Dad? Archer says it will be okay.

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Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 7 Quotes

Will: I didn't do too bad at the thrift store.
Asher: I don't know. I feel like a bank teller in these clothes.

Choi: You two seem to be getting along.
Will: We're friends, that's all.
Choi: Keep telling yourself that.
Will: How's everything going with you and April?
Choi: Actually, it seems like it's better the second time around. It's like we got the arguing out of our system and it turns out we were on the same path all along.