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Dr. Charles finds Liliana in his office cleaning. She says she's sorry. Charles says he's sorry he made a mess. She won't let him help.

Hannah has Archer's water bottle. Apparently he keeps losing it.

Sharon needs to talk to Cuevas about her DACA renewal. Cuevas is busy so Sharon says to meet at the end of the day.

Hannah has a patient. So does Will. He has a patient whose father starts speaking in Spanish. Cuevaas helps translate. The family is afraid their daughter will die.

Will tells Cuevas the illness is sporadic. Cuevas says the older brother died of an illness that no one was able to diagnose. However Cuevas thinks this illness might be psychosomatic.

Hannah tries to reassure her patient. The patient's husband insists on going home to check if he turned off the oven.

Marcel has Tanaka-Reid assist on an appendectomy. Tanaka-Reid whines how basic this is. Marcel says there's a complication and they have to do it open abdomen. Tanaka-Reed whines more and a nurse is not a fan.

Cuevas talks to Maria who is in tears. She suggests that Maria's grief and fear have caused this illness. Maria says Hugo's tests were normal but then he died.

Cuevas doesn't think this is psychosomatic. All they know is Hugo died of brain swelling -- three days after being admitted to hospital.

Layla's labour continues. The baby is born. Quentin says it is not his son. Layla says that's their baby. Quentin threatens everyone with the umbilical cord scissors and runs away, causing an accident in which he gets stuck in an MRI and in danger of bleeding out.

CFD shows up. So does Dr. Charles, who says they can get an MRI-safe injection. Grace is running algorithms. They need to secure Quentin and clamp the bleeding before they turn off the machine. Grace says they can 3-D print plastic tools. 2.0 engineers can also help.

Charles gives Quentin medicine.  Sharon asks if he knows what caused the psychotic break. Charles doesn't. They are bringing Layla in case Quentin dies.

Tanaka-Reed is all snooty until he passes gas while  in the OR. He suddenly passes out .

Maria starts having a seizure while going to the bathroom. Will orders a catheter. Doris comes in. Sharon has ordered them to stop treatment.

Tanaka-Reed insists this is overkill. He has low heart rate and pain and then passes gas and is fine. Tanaka-Reed needs an X-ray. His colon is in his chest for some reason.

Sharon says the family left Oakview Hospital and insurance won't cover services elsewhere. Will says he is not sending Maria back. Sharon says the tests Will wants are expensive and the family has to be the one to decide.

Charles explains what the procedure for helping Quentin is. Layla comes in a wheelchair. Quentin asks if he will die. Charles says this is the best option. Quentin has to stay calm and still.

The nurse clears the area so Layla can talk to Quentin. She says she named the baby Trevor. Quentin thinks he is dying. Layla won't accept that. She walks off and sobs. She doesn't understand what happened to her husband. She hasn't noticed anything strange or the lumps on the back of his neck.

Tanaka Reed has diaprhamatic hernia. He wants it fixed ASAP and he wants 2.0 as it will shorten his recovery time.

Maria doesn't want her father to get a second job etc and says she'll go back to Oakview. Cuevas says that Maria didn't want to bankrupt her family.

The rescue operation begins.  Asher and Charles whisper about Layla. Charles asks how Asher is doing. She says she thought Quentin was a nervous dad, not mentally ill. Charles says there could be a physical issue given the lumps.

Will gives Maria a thumb drive with her test results and notes. Maria's parents cry. When they empty the catheter, Cuevas notices a smell. Will says they are running one more test even if he has to pay for it.

Archer clamps the bleeds. Time to turn off the power. Clamps are holding. Archer removes the scissors and CFD lowers Quentin onto a bed. Archer needs water and feels dizzy.

Tanaka-Reid's surgery is done and he thinks he's now the punchline of everyone's jokes.

Charles talks to Layla. He says Quentin has a genetic disorder and it is treatable. Layla realizes Quentin gave up his diet because it was making her ill during the pregnancy. That might be the cause.

Quentin says he doesn't know what happened but he is sorry. She says she should have seen the signs. Hannah brings them baby Trevor.

Maria has a rare Maple Syrup Urine Disease. It's likely Hugo had it too. Maria asks if she is going to die. Cuevas says the disease can be managed.

LIliana comes to see Charles. She notices he cleaned his office. He was embarrassed for her to see all that mess and he didn't want her to feel he takes her for granted. Liliana cares about him too. They kiss.

Hannah brings Archer his water bottle. She gives him a tracking device so he won't lose his water bottle anymore. Archer says his kidneys are getting worse. He needs dialysis.

Sharon meets Cuevas and says she saved the family. Cuevas knows she's been procrastinating about her DACA renewal. She's been thinking about leaving Med. Her parents have gone to Canada and are not allowed back in the US so she wants to move back. However she realizes her parents sacrificied a lot for her to be in the US. So she's staying.


Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 16 Quotes

Quentin: You know, I don't remember if I turned off the oven.
Layla: We haven't cooked in days.
Quentin: I think I'll just go home and check.

Will: What are they saying?
Cuevas: They say she has 'the sickness' and if we don't fix it, she will die.