On Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 2, Will is disappointed when Goodwin passes him over for a promotion and April gets too involved with a COVID case.

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On Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 2, Will struggles with questions about where his career is going after Choi is chosen to be the ED chief instead of him.

Choi insists on being in the loop with Will's patient, an older man who mysteriously develops an air pocket in his brain after a car accident. Will is sure that the problem is in the esophagus somewhere, but Choi won't let him run appropriate tests, and when Will explodes, Choi accuses him of being jealous that Choi is his boss now.

Meanwhile, April is working with a young Hispanic girl who has COVID and whose housekeeper mother is continuing to go to work. April's patient is dying and April wants to bring her mother in to say goodbye, but Choi vetoes that suggestion. By the time he changes his mind, the mother has developed COVID too.

Meanwhile, Nat is frustrated and upset when she deals with a patient who is in jail on a ridiculous probation violation and can't make any headway on getting her patient a court date so that she won't be separated from her newborn baby.

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On Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 2, not everyone is happy after Goodwin announces a new ED chief, while Dr. Charles must attend to family affairs.

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Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

Iesha: You gonna tell them to take off these cuffs?
Nat: It's okay. I can work around them.
Iesha: I heard those cops out there, saying I'm a violent offender. Just like they said I resisted arrest. But I only pushed him cause he was harassing my cousin.

WIll: That new apartment I had lined up? It's infested with bedbugs.
Maggie: Ew. Can't you stay with Hannah a few more nights?
Will: She let her lease go. She's headed for the West Coast when she gets out of rehab
Maggie: Well, if you need a place to stay, there's always room at Club Med.
Will: There's no one in my life I have to quarantine from. It's just me and my stuff.