On Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 5, Charles and Cuevas deal with a frustrating situation while Will and Vanessa face possible consequences for their choices.

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Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 5 revolves around the continued stress of dealing with the supply chain problem.

Nathaniel, the train conductor involved in the accident, develops breathing problems and Marcel quickly realizes he needs a lung transplant. Miraculously, a pair of lungs becomes available, but it's in bad shape, and the machine Marcel needs to get them up to par is not available. He and Sharon come up with a very unorthodox solution: have Dayton build a new machine.

Meanwhile, Will and Vanessa think their secret is safe but then the dealer ends up in the hospital. He's on cocaine and PCP and Will thinks they have to call the cops. Vanessa is afraid they will be implicated, and sure enough, the cops want to talk to them.

Maggie is livid when she finds out. She assumes that Will came up with this idea and talked Vanessa into it.

Elsewhere, Ethan is surprised when he walks into a patient room and finds April.. She has a patient that no one has answers for and is hoping Ethan can diagnose him.

Finally, Charles and Cuevas try to get help for a patient who has a severe memory lapse and an elderly woman who has been waiting endlessly for her ride home.

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On Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 5, supply chain shortages continue to impact the E.D. while one of the victims of the recent train crash needs a transplant.

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Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 5 Quotes

Hey, I'm really sorry for the sneak attack. I just thought that reuniting in the treatment room would have been awkward. Which it was.


Marcel: April Sexton! In the flesh.
April: Dr. Marcel.
Marcel: It's been forever.
April: Maybe for you, but for me it was just yesterday.