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The Intelligence Unit investigates women smuggling cocaine into Chicago with their bodies; Jay and Erin continue their banter, but Voight quickly tells him Erin is off limits.When Erin confronts him, Voight tells her he needs Jay fully focused on the job, and she tends to leave a trail of broken hearts in her wake.
Adam and Olinksy go out a stakeout, but Adam’s problems at home with his wife begin to interfere with his work.
Justin’s behavior continues to worry Erin and Voight. Voight tells Erin that Justin’s friend has a rap sheet, and she needs to keep a closer eye on him.
Atwood and Burgess damage their brand new squad car and have to go behind the district’s back to get it fixed.
Erica, of Internal Affairs, meets with Antonio and gives him her card. Telling him she knows he’s a good cop and would hate to see that get tainted by a bad one.
Chicago PD
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