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Antonio gets a ransom note that states if El Pulpo is not out by midnight his son will be killed. Erin visits Willhite’s home to inform the family about her death. Her husband breaks down in Erin’s arms.
Erin opens up to Jay about the incident, asking him how dealt with loss as a soldier. Jay tells her he mostly took it out on the wrong people. Antonio asks Voight about offering a trade.The unit investigates their lists of criminal informants for anyone who might be able to pursue their latest suspect. While looking through the files, Jay comes across Erin’s file. Antonio’s informant leads them to an empty hotel room.
Antonio notices the suspect coming back to his hotel room and chases him down an alleyway. Voight hands him a knife and tells him to do what he needs to. Antonio can’t do anything but turn him around to cuff him. After some reassurance from his wife, Antonio agrees to do it Voight’s way. After going about it Voight’s, they follow a lead to Union Station. Lindsay notices Diego boarding a bus and gets on to follow him.
The unit follows after him on a different bus and rams the bus. Erin grabs Diego and Antonia shoots and kills the suspect. Voight gets the overhead he needs to run the unit he sees fit, and the unit attends Willhite’s funeral.
It ends with Voight paying off a woman, who yells at him that he works for her and he’s supposed to be a pipeline for IA to make some big cases. Voight tells her he works for Chicago and he’ll be back with some information soon.
Chicago PD
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