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  • Hailey thinks about the distance that has been between her and Halstead.
  • Halstead has a nervous tapping habit that he keeps doing with his ring finger.
  • Hailey is driving when he hears some gunshots and responds to it. He encounters Lenny, a veteran, inside who he introduces himself to, and they stop the shooter.
  • Lenny gets shot trying to save a pregnant woman
  • Hailey and Halstead head to the hospital to talk to Lenny and also meet his army buddies.
  • They get a lead on the perps ditching the getaway car at a junkyard. The car goes up in flames and Halstead nearly risks his life against hailey's wishes trying to stop it from burning up any evidence.
  • They get a lead on the supsect based on prints on the car. They bust in on Calvin, and Halstead is riled up which Hailey and Atwater notice.
  • Halstead makes a promise in interrogation that Burgess is concerned about and Hailey realizes that Halstead is behaving like Voight would.
  • Hailey finds information that may show that Lenny is in on the robberies.
  • Halstead and Hailey talk to Lenny who admits that he was a lookout for the robbery but he went into action when he saw them shoot the pharmacy.
  • Lenny dies
  • Hailey wants to tell voight the update but Halstead refuses because he doesn't want to cause any more harm to Lenny. Hailey calls him out on not being himself.
  • They catch another robbery by the same guys and there are dead civilians
  • Hailey thinks that they could've cracked the case if they were honest.
  • Halstead heads to see Nolan, Lenny's army buddy.  Nolan tries to tell Halstead not to say anything about Lenny because then the family won't get the pension. Halstead tells Lenny's wife that he'll keep Lenny's name out of this if she helps.
  • Hailey talks to Voight and they both follow Halstead when he gets a lead from Lenny's computer to where the offenders are likely hiding. One ofthem shows up and Voight tells Hailey to get Halstead out of there.
  • Halstead finds all the stolen drugs.
  • An offender catches Halstead and attacks him. He starts choking him out. Halsteads stabs the guy repeadtely with his switchblade and Hailey walks in when the guy dies.
  • They figure out how to cover it up even though Jay is in shock and doesn't want to.
  • he goes to the chief to tell the truth but the chief is basically talking him out of that. he resigns.
  • He tells Hailey that he's going back into the army to work some unit that Lenny's army buddies wer ein because it's black and white there and that he loves her and she needs to let him go.
  • He has to leave that day.
  • Voight says goodbye to him at the airport.
Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 3 Quotes

I did the right thing when it counted. Didn't I do that?


Burgess: Jay, you can't make the promise you did in there, we can't keep it.
Halstead: I have no intentions of keeping it.