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Voight shows up at the crime scene at the cabin and then reaches out to the chief and calls him there. He tells him that Sean is involved and that he can't protect his son. He wants the chief to help him bring in Sean, but the chief refuses.

The unit looks into the body and figures out that it belonged to a young girl who lived nearby.

They get another lead about Ila, a woman who has been on the run from Sean. She tells Hailey about Sean meeting him, listening to him at safe space, how he raped her and then put her in a room with others and how she was trafficked.

She breaks down everything but the DA tells Hailey that she's a bad victim and that they don't have them.

Voight approves of the arrest anyway and hopes they'll get more evidence to charge him.

They get a warrant to arrest Sean and Hailey finds him burning evidence. She arrests him.

Hailey tries to talk to Sean and interrogates him but the chief hires a shark of a lawyer for him

They comb through Sean's recoreds and find Joseph, a transporter. He gives them a lead on a place where girls could be but they get there too late and the girls are already gone.

Chief argues that their evidence is fruit of the posionous tree and Voight is angry that the chief is stonewalling them. He's in denial.

But it's an illegal entry according to the ASA so they release Sean.

Voight goes to the chief's house.

Hailey goes to Safe Space where Sean is.

Both try to talk reason into the O'Neal men.

Sean opens up about his urges and struggles and his process.

Voight makes Chief O'Neal look at his son's file.

They figure out a van that could've transported the girls after voight has to encourage Hailey to do things the right way

Hailey finds thee girls in a van. She and Voight call it in.

Sean is missing and they go looking for him.

They get to the chief's house and the chief shot Sean and then  himself.

Hailey doesn't want it to get called in and  refuses to help when they find Sean is still alive. Eventually Hailey starts to help and Sean makes it to the hospital.

Sean is alive and makes it after they resusciate him at the hospital.09

Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 9 Quotes

Voight: Paddy, your son led us to this. Shawn is involved in this. You can't protect him. You can't save him from this. Help me bring in Sean now.
Chief O'Neal: He's my son you're not bringing him in.

Sean: Do you know how many programs I've done?
Hailey; Twenty-two.
Sean: Joined six religions too, did you find that out?
Hailey: No. Sean: Six. I read all these books. Did every kind of therapy. Poisoned myself. Talked to my dad, once. Don't worry, he didn't understand what I was trying to tell him. His brain wouldn't let him. He loved me too much. But I did try. I didn't want to be like this.