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  • Torres hangs out with Ruzek and some older cops.
  • Ruzek drives Torres home when they get a call and detour to take it.
  • It was a home invasion where men broke into a house tied up a man and raped his wife.
  • Ruzek takes some lead with the case and has Torres work with him. They head to another unit to work with Burkoswki who doesn't want to give up the case.
  • They get a lead at a pawn shop and that leads them to a possible suspect. They end up in pursuit of the guy. Ruzek finds bodies in a house from the killer while Dante is in pursuit.
  • He gets a call that Burtoski found the person and when he gets there, a man is badly beaten with broken bones. But Dante pieces together that it's the wrong man, and the man didin't fall as Burtoski claimed.
  • Burkowski prevents Torres from interviewing Alex, the man who got badly injured and it seems suspicious. He claims Alex is in the clear.
  • Torres doubles back to talk to him anyway. But Burkowski catches him.
  • They get called to a person of intere's house and breaches it. Burkowki tries to give Torres directions, but he sticks by him instead because he fears thew orse and jumps in front of the fleeing POI to prevent Burkowski from shooting him on sight.
  • Burkowski wants to talk to Torres later and Torres ask Trudy to pull a personanel file
  • Torres tells Ruzek about his suspicons and Ruzek is reluctant to beleive it but wants Torres to tread carefully. They pull up some footage and sese that Burkowski and Alex both lied about what happened in that alley.
  • Torres and Ruzek talk to Alex. He admits that he has drugs on him and that the cop beat him and cuffed him and he doesn't want to go back to jail.
  • They have to make a choice. Torres opts to protect Alex, and they don't outwardly tip off Voight that something is wrong, but he picks up on it.
  • They finally track down the person who is responsible and he's holding a hostage. Torres doesn't follow Burkowski's orders again, but they take the guy down.
  • Burkoswk confronts and threatens Torres outside the crime scene. Voight sees it from a distance. Torres stands his ground though.
  • Torres is back at the bar and drowning his sorrows when Ruzek shows up. He's upset that he had to lie on the stand under oath to essentially protect Bartoski and hates that it made him part of the Blue Wall, everything he's against, and that Bartowski can go on to do things like this again.
  • Ruzek tells him that the job isnt always easy.
Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 10 Quotes

Dante, did you think I wasn't going to have your back?


If something else happened with that cop, you could tell me.

Torres [to Alex]