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Halstead and Dawson get a tip from an NSA informant on a narcotics deal. 

The team pursues a suspect. They pull him over and he pulls a gun on Lindsay. Halstead shoots him dead and they discover a body in his truck. 

Mouch asks Burgess to find out Platt's ring size. 

They speak to the victim's wife and coworkers and learn that he worked for the government and may have been killed over secret encryption chips. 

Dawson and Voight talk to the NSA guy again and ask for help on the case. 

Captain Whitaker asks Atwater to wipe out an arrest of his son as a favor to him. 

Burgess tells Ruzek she wants them to get their own place. 

They set up surveillance on the victim's wife whom they suspect killed her husband and has the chips.

Burgess and Roman get a call on girls with drugs. They arrest the dealers and one of them is Whitaker's son. 

The team tracks a phone to a storage unit, but it's empty. They search the facility and catch two men with a briefcase with the chips. 

They chase an escaping suspect and find him and a bag of money. He and  Norah were working together. He tells them where she is. 


Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Mouch: I need your help with Trudy. I gotta figure out what her ring size is.
Burgess: Mouch, you're gonna propose?
Mouch: Been living in sin long enough.
Burgess: Oh, I require zero additional detail. Look I'm on it.
Mouch: You're on it. And you can be sneaky?
Burgess: I displayed sociopathic tendencies through the second grade. I'm on it.

Michelle: You're not Mennonites, you should be living together.
Burgess: OK no offense, but I don't need relationship advice from a sixteen year old.