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Halstead's new boss, Brianna invites him to dinner. 

Hasltead makes a bank run with another one of his new co-workers. A car blows up in front of them on the way and they are shot at. His partner, Terry, is hit and the money is stolen. 

Lindsay and Voight question Brianna about the robbery. 

Olinsky tells Halstead that Terry didn't make it. 

They get a lead on a man named Ortiz. Roman and Burgess track him down and Intelligence arrives to arrest him.

Ortiz claims he had a bag of guns stolen out of his car and that he is being set up. They find proof he's not their guy. 

Halstead visits Terry's widow and learns he was going to be a cop.

Ruzek finds a bug in Brianna's phone. Olinsky and Ruzek search for the listener. 

Brianna's ex-husband paid for the bugs. He said he hired a PI to prove she was cheating on him. 

They talk to the PI and get the name of the guy he sold the score to, Briggs. 

The PI sets up a meeting with Briggs who tazes him. Intelligence arrests Briggs. 

Briggs didn't kill Terry, so they look for the rest of his crew. Halstead IDs him from a picture. 

Halstead takes down the guy who killed Terry. 

Halstead quits his job with Brianna. 




Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

Listen, man, why don't you take some of those vacation days we never use?


Brianna: Being cops I would hope that you wouldn't have to pay for anything.
Halstead: Used to be that we didn't. Now we get written up for taking a stick of gum.