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Bunny shows up unexpectedly to give Lindsay pearls. 

Voight overhears Lindsay and Halstead talking about Bunny and decides to switch up the partners. He puts Lindsay with Upton and Halstead with Olinsky. 

They watch a video feed of a man being burned alive. They arrive at the warehouse, but are too late. The word "pedophile" is written on the wall. 

The victim, Elijah, did time for statutory rape. Lindsay and Upton go to Indiana to question his ex-girlfriend who testified against him. They question her current boyfriend who tells them about a group called the Perv Hunters who made the video.

They receive a new video feed of a pedophile being burned alive. 

Voight and Halstead question a member who denies killing anyone. They make him post a video of Olinsky, pretending he's a pedophile. 

Bunny tells Lindsay that she may be leaving Chicago. 

They arrest their suspect, Jeremy, and bring him in for questioning. Lindsay calls in her psychiatrist for a psych eval. The doctor says he's a self-loathing pedophile who turns his shame against others like him. 

They search his house and find a kid's backpack and underwear. Lindsay asks him where he is, but he claims it's a fetish.

Lindsay hits him in the face and shoves her gun in his mouth, demanding to know where the boy is. She gets the address. They find the boy dead in a trunk. 

Voight tells Lindsay she has to go to the review board. 


Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 22 Quotes

Olinsky: Every cop in this city would kill for your job. Why jeopardize that?
Halstead: Man, I blew it.
Olinsky: No, you still got a job, you still got a desk.
Halstead: No, I blew it with Erin.

Trust me Jake, today is not the day you want to start trash talking my partner.