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A man tells Intelligence about a girl lost and hurt in the woods. Lindsay and Halstead come across an empty cabin, but there's also a container. They find the girl inside. 

Lindsay and Halstead question her and she tells them that if she doesn't go back, the man who took her will find her sister. Lindsay believes she's lying to them. 

An girl named Abby shows up to ask Halstead to sign divorce papers. He's married! 

Bodies are found buried near the cabin. The bodies were starved to death. The girl, Juliana, was taken care of, not starved. 

They discover another girl was taken too and is still missing. 

They chase the suspect, Austin, but he shoots himself in the head.

They question Austin's brother who says Austin must have been tricked. He insists it wasn't him.

Ruzek and Atwater go to talk to Mrs. Crane, the widow of the previous owner of the cabin. They find the second missing girl in the basement, but get locked in with her. 

Halstead tells LIndsay he got married in Vegas, and that it's long over. Lindsay's upset he never told her. 

The team arrives at Mrs. Crane's house and find the locked door. She claims she doesn't know the code. Voight gets it out of her.

Abby lied about the divorce papers. She still loves Halstead. He tells her he's not the guy for her. 

Halstead tells Lindsay he needs to sort things out, and that he's going to stay with Will for awhile. 



Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 17 Quotes

Halstead: I'll meet you inside.
Lindsay: What, are you signing autographs?
Halstead: I'll explain later. I'll meet you inside.

Platt: Hey Alvin?
Olinsky: Yeah.
Platt: If you ever want to not talk about it, I'm your gal, okay?