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Burgess and new partner Mike Sorensen find the body of Maya Collins in the home of baseball player Jake McCoy, and Olinsky is hesitant to admit that he is friends with Jake.

Olinsky and Antonio question Jake's assistant Freddie, who says he was fired a few months earlier after Jake "saw God" following a car accident. Jake then calls Olinsky and asks for a meeting. He intends to kill himself but is stopped by Atwater and Ruzek.

Jake tells Voight that when he met Maya she was a prostitute who wanted a new life. He recorded his conversations with her and other girls he was trying to help and that the recordings are on a laptop. Ruzek and Atwater find the laptop, which supports Jake's claims.

Another prostitute, Alicia Meyers, says that their pimp Saint killed Maya. She tells Lindsay where to find him and the team is able to arrest him. But Olinsky - despite being kicked off the case by Commander Crowley - questions Jake's daughter and finds out that Jake called Freddie the night of the murder.

Freddie threatens Olinsky with blackmail if he doesn't make the case go away, but Olinsky in turn scares him into cooperating. Though that costs him a ten-day suspension it's the leverage he needs to get Jake to admit Maya's death was an accident after he caught her stealing and that he called Freddie to make it look like a robbery. He's charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Elsewhere Lindsay returns to the office to find flowers with a blank card, and then gets a hang-up phone call from Kansas. She wonders if they are from her estranged father.

And Sorenson gets his nose broken apprehending a thief who turns out to be a former St. Louis cop. Burgess is sympathetic and decides to spend the night in lockup with her until she's released.

Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Do I think he's a killer? I'll have to check that out.


I don't see stripes on your shoulders, Antonio.