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A gang war breaks out after two generations begin fighting over turf.

The new generation wants to run things and older members recently released from Statesville want to claim back their ground. 

When innocent people start getting gunned down, Voight and Intelligence intervene to find a middle ground. 

They bring together the shot-callers from both factions, but negotiations go sideways when an innocent woman is killed walking home from the grocery store. 

As they try to figure out who is responsible for killing the woman, her sister reveals that she was a witness. 

Upton encourages her to speak up, but Atwater reminds her that she must live with the consequences of being a snitch. 

Alyssa decides to avenge her sister's death, but Kelton, who was thrilled to be working side-by-side with Price and Voight announces that they have a witness in the case thus putting her in danger. 

When Alyssa finds out that they have to send her away for her own safety, she blames Atwater for not keeping her safe. 

Voight and Price strike a deal with the members of opposing factions. 

He allows them to sling as much dope as they want as long as they stay on their own turf. 

Both agree, but in order for this to work, Voight orders Eric, the younger member, to kill Lamar, the teen behind the shooting. 

Burgess and Blair continue their no-strings-attached relationship, but it seems that Blair is developing feelings. 

He informs her that he's accepted a new position in the city and will be saying in Chicago a little while longer. 

Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 18 Quotes

Blair: See, and that right there is the best part. That weird Chicago pride that you all have, even though y'all admit that this city is too corrupt, too violent, too cold, it's still a great city.
Burgess: You're so gunna miss this place.

Ray Price: Two generations fighting over one neighborhood. It's not good.
Voight: Yeah, it's called a gang war.