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Atwater tries to reach out to his brother who has been purposefully ignoring him because he's mad Atwater put his girlfriend, Kristy, in prison for murder. 

Atwater continues making an effort despite Jordan telling him he's not his family anymore. 

Burgess shows Ruzek the ultrasound of their baby and it begins to feel real. 

Their moment is interrupted by an exchange of gunfire. 

They arrive at the scene of the crime to find the owner of a brewery pinned down by a table and a barrel toppling over. 

Despite Ruzek's hesitation, Burgess helps him move the man. 

Intelligence begins to track down smash-and-grabs in Canaryville. 

They respond to another one in progress and Ruzek runs after one of the suspects who attempts to carjack a vehicle. 

The man begins beating him up, which forces Ruzek to arrest him and lose the tail on the suspect. 

The man, Nick, agrees to cooperate with the police investigation, but when Ruzek and Burgess visit later to get him to positively ID the suspect in a lineup, he refuses. 

Someone got to him and he doesn't want to sell out his own people. 

Burgess blurts out the pregnancy news to Atwater who rides on Ruzek for not telling him.

Ruzek informs him he just wants to be a good dad but can't find the right thing to say because everything upsets Burgess. 

Intelligence attempts to arrest Ben at his house, and when Burgess sees him, she chases him down. She corners Ben, who pulls a gun on her, but she finds a way to talk him down. 

She informs everyone to stand down, but Ruzek is so worried about her and the baby that he disobeys her order and shoots Ben. 

Burgess gets upset with Ruzek and informs him that this is her pregnancy and she's going to handle it the way she sees fit, especially since her career is the only one affected. 

Ruzek informs her that he cares about her and wants to protect her. 

Intelligence brings in Nick and threatens his family if he doesn't positively ID the guy responsible. 

He caves and IDs Ben. 

Later, they find Nick beat up and unconscious at Ben's father Martin's house. 

Nick admits he came to apologize for ratting out his son and Martin beat him. 

They find Martin at the park watching kids play sports. He threatens to kill himself, but Upton grabs the gun. 

Platt gets Burgess a "Mom Cop" mug and informs her she overheard her talking with Voight. 

Burgess follows her gut and tells Voight about the pregnancy. 

Ruzek is waiting for Burgess at her apartment to talk things through. 

He proposes that they get married, but Burgess tells him there's no need to force something. 

They agree to go through the pregnancy together. 

Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 11 Quotes

Atwater: How did you end up catching this with Ruz?
Burgess: I had a doctor's appointment, and I'm pregnant.
Atwater: You're pregnant?
Burgess: Yeah.
Atwater: Cause of Adam?
Burgess: Ohhhh yeah.

Dude, she and I are so out of sync. I mean, if I ask a question, she gets annoyed. if I don't ask questions, she gets annoyed. It's like, I don't know if I'm supposed to zig or zag. If I zig, she's angry I didn't zag. If I zag, she's angry I didn't zig. It's all very confusing.