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Chicago PD picks up right after Halstead was shot after saving Angela from the kidnapping.

He's bleeding out, everything and everyone around him is going in and out of focus.

Paramedics wheel him out as Voight orders a police escort to the hospital.

As doctors begin operating on him, Upton waits in the waiting room the whole time hoping to hear some good news.

Voight gets an update that Angela is doing just fine and goes to have a chat with her.

He informs her that she's going to be charged with the attempted murder of a Chicago police officer, but she retorts that he goes what was coming to him.

Voight and Burgess look disturbed but she makes it clear that she knows about what Halstead did to her husband and plans on exposing him.

Voight orders that no one is allowed in or out of Angela's room as he devises a plan to silence her.

Meanwhile, the rest of Intelligence is dealing with a home invasion on the Gold Coast that ties back to several military-grade weapons stolen and sold on the streets.

Since the violence is now affecting rich, white neighborhoods, it's become a problem, according to the Mayor.

Atwater and Rojas go undercover at a bar to observe Kristy, a woman whose car was used in the murder.

Kristy gets into a fight with Trey, an ex-boyfriend, and when he becomes too handsy, a fight between him and another man breaks out.

Atwater gets involved and realizes the other man is his brother, Jordan, who was sent out of town after being the key witness in a testimony.

Atwater tells his brother to get out of town, but he doesn't listen because he's dating Kristy.

They get Mitchell, the man responsible for the murder who tells them it was an accident. They never planned to shoot the victim, they simply wanted to steal his vintage Rolex's.

Mitchell informs them that the dealer is Trey, who runs a clothing store and whose business partner is Darius Walker.

Voight forces Walker to get Trey to confess and tell them where the guns are located, but Walker doesn't believe one of his men could be responsible.

When he confronts Trey about it, he admits to dealing in an effort to "create his own lane."

Still, Walker doesn't get the location of the guns which means Ruzek and Upton must go undercover as buyers.

One of Trey's men comes to the sale but skips out when Trey doesn't answer the phone.

They bust him and he reveals Trey's location -- his apartment. Intelligence rolls up and finds him dead from a gunshot wound.

Surveillance footage shows Atwater's brother leaving the scene of the crime with a gun in his pocket.

Atwater confronts Jordan who denies killing Trey. He informs him that he helped Kristy cover her tracks after she killed him for not giving her the money promised for using her car.

Voight and Atwater book Kristy and tell her they have a cooperating witness.

Back in the hospital, Rojas helps Upton realize that she's in love with Halstead. When he wakes up from surgery, she's by his side and ready to tell him. When he gets a call from Billy, Angela's son, he contemplates picking up. Not only does it ruin the moment but proves to Upton that he's not ready for her to pour out her feelings.

As for Angela, Voight buys her silence in exchange for freedom, though, he promises that if she ever decides to tell her story down the line that he will ruin her.

We knew he would survive getting shot by Angela, or, we were 98% sure of it, but that remaining worried us as we waited for Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 10.

Despite making Halstead's fate a huge draw for the episode, the mystery of whether or not he survived wrapped up swiftly.

For someone who almost died, Halstead was up, speaking, and getting discharged in no time. It was all anti-climactic despite throwing around phrases like "we almost lost him."

Voight barely lifted a finger to buy Angela's silence, which also seemed odd for someone who had the nerve to shoot a cop and wanted money, revenge, or a mix of both.

Angela got a pretty sweet deal as he wouldn't charge her for the attempted murder of a Chicago Police officer. Everyone wins -- Halstead continues being a cop, the CPD doesn't have to deal with a public scandal, and Angela gets to be there to watch her son grow up.

But it's too convenient unless we're to assume that Voight's warning of "I'll find and bury you" if she speaks out about this somewhere down the line comes into play later in the series.

The whole situation was so neatly tied up that Halstead barely learned his lesson from the near-death experience.

You'd think that getting shot would knock some sense into him or at the very least make him more aware of how dangerous it is to get personally involved with a victim, but post-surgery, Halstead was ready to get himself all messed up in it again by picking up a call from Billy.

Halstead's caring nature is one of his more admirable qualities, but as we saw, it's also his downfall.

He needs to listen to Upton and let it go before he finds himself in even more trouble.

We expected Halstead's case to take up much of the episode, but it was another mystery that kept Intelligence busy as he underwent surgery and recovered.

The case itself wasn't anything special and involved a bunch of stolen military guns making their way into incompetent hands on the streets of Chicago. New year, same problems.

And same Mayor -- he only became concerned when the danger hit the rich, white parts of the city.

However, the case offered up a tie-back to Atwater's brother, Jordan, who was sent away to Texas after being dubbed the "snitch" on Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 4 when he testified in a murder trial.

Many fans were left wondering if we'd ever see a reunion between Atwater and his brother, but bringing him back only to get him more caught up in muddy waters wasn't what I expected.

Atwater's shock at seeing his brother in a bar fight when he's supposed to be in Texas was just as understandable as realizing his brother was involved in some shady and dangerous situations.

If Atwater is working undercover then that means whatever Jordan is messed up in is very bad.

Jordan decided to date a girl with a pretty colorful past whose car was used in the Gold Coast murder; it's like this kid is always looking for trouble.

Jordan very quickly became an accessory to murder as he helped Kristy clean up fingerprints after murdering Trey.

Atwater cares about his brother, that's obvious, but Voight made a good point about learning when to allow the child to become the adult and make his own decisions. Jordan's strong suit isn't in making decisions, but he's not going to get better with Atwater cleaning up his mess every time.

Atwater's big-brother parenting only enables him to believe that he can keep getting away with crimes.

Evidently, Jordan never appreciated the second chance he was given, and he's not appreciative of this third chance either, by the looks of that last scene where Atwater kept getting Jordan's voicemail.

Atwater is putting a great deal on the line to help his brother, as is Voight.

He's better off just letting his brother deal with his problems even if that means he has to go away for murder.

It might be safer for him than whatever nonsense he'd get messed up in on the streets. Looking at his past and the enemies he's made, Jordan's on his way to getting himself killed.

Not only is it nice that Chicago PD is connecting this storyline to one from season 5, but it allows us to see the stark difference between Atwater and his brother.

It's almost comical to see Atwater's street smarts paralleled with Jordan's lack of.

Atwater is smart and can handle himself in almost any situation and his brother is clumsy -- he tried to "sneak out" without being seen and left through the only exit with a camera.

Atwater needs to let his brother go just like Halstead needs to let Angela and Billy go.

When Upton came to take Halstead home and saw him consider picking up the phone from Billy, she realized that he wasn't in the right state of mind for her romantic confessions.

And it's probably for the best that she holds off on saying anything instead of doing it in the heat of the moment.

Upton didn't realize how strong her feelings were until Halstead almost died.

Acting on those feelings would be too much pressure for both of them. She needs to sit with her feelings for a bit, understand them, and calmly decide how she wants to proceed.

This relationship is going to happen eventually so it's about finding the best place to do it. There's no need to rush it.

As for Burgess and Ruzek, she decided to keep the baby, which we all knew was going to happen.

I foresee Burgess' job being an issue as she's being consistently put in the line of fire.

When they infiltrated Mitchell's home and a shoot-out erupted, Ruzek's primary concern was Burgess. You could tell how worried he was when he realized something might have happened to her.

Burgess might have to be okay with being on desk duty or taking a limited-role in the unit for a bit.

What did you think of the premiere?

Was Halstead's storyline wrapped up too quickly?

Is Angela going to be a problem in the future?

Is Atwater's brother going to survive?

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