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Atwater is trying to persuade Ruzek to invest in a low-income neighborhood. 

They respond to a call of shots fired at a local hardware store. Atwater knew the owner, who died in his arms. 

Ruzek tries to catch the suspect but is unsuccessful. 

Samantha Miller arrives at the scene of the crime to ask Voight for a favor. She wants him to take Andre Cooper, the partner of Wheelan, who shot an innocent Black man, under his wing.

Voight is reluctant, but after talking to Cooper, finds himself impressed with the officer's perceptiveness. 

Atwater and Burgess check out the pizza joint next door, but Bobby the owner refuses to talk because he's concerned for his safety.

Intelligence learns that Quincy is a lone wolf that's running the neighborhood and shaking down business owners. 

They try to find the getaway car at his place, but Quincy isn't interested in talking. 

They stop Damari as he's leaving Quincy's place. They think he has a gun but it ends up being a video game controller. 

He also has an alibi for the shooting -- he was at the hospital with his brother, who suffers from severe epilepsy. 

The only way to get close to Quincy is to get someone in with Damari on a buy. Since everyone has been burned, Voight decides to bring in Andre to go undercover. 

Andre earns Damari's trust almost immediately, but he begins to get a weak spot for him when he learns about his brother. 

Atwater questions if he can even do the job, but Voight believes in him. 

After the pizza store owner is murdered, Andre needs to make the buy. 

Damari seems to get suspicious and tells Andrew that they're meeting Quincy somewhere, which wasn't part of the plan. 

Voight tells them to roll with the plan, but Intelligence loses sight of Andre. 

When they confront Quincy, he calls out Andre for working with the cops. Damari defends him and steps in front of him just as Ruzek and Atwater get on the scene. 

Quincy shoots Damari, who saved Andre's life. As he bled out, Damari was shocked to learn his "friend" was a cop.

Atwater tells Andre that Damari's death isn't on him, but he feels guilty either way and wonders what will happen to his sick brother. 

Andre informs Atwater that there has to be a better way not to kill innocent Black men, but Atwater informs him the innocent men were the two business owners and not Damari who knew the lifestyle he was getting into. 

Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 8 Episode 9 Quotes

Atwater: Why you running?
Man: White cops scare me.
Atwater: Yeah. What color am I?
Man: Blue. Just as dangerous.

Voight: My team's handpicked by me.
Miller: You realize I could just assign him to Intelligence, right?
Voight: I do. But you didn't.