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The episode kicks off with Ruzek and Burgess coming home from the bar.

They're drunk, really comfortable around each other, and they end up hooking up.

The next day, Ruzek suggests that maybe they start dating each other again, but Burgess tries to shut it down.

Their talk is interrupted when they respond to a call and find what appears to be a botched carjacking. 

The man has very bad injuries but refuses to talk. 

A cop phones in that she has a witness. The construction worker explains that he saw three guys wearing ski masks jumping into a getaway car shortly before seeing the blue BMW with the bloodied driver. 

They track the SUV and realize it was stolen two months ago from a woman named Jessica Ramirez who works with kids aging out of the system at DCFS. 

She hands them a list of 13 possible suspects. 

As they are leaving, Burgess sees Makayla, but since she's not associated with the case anymore, the woman can't give her any information and urges her to get in touch with Makayla's social worker, Alanah. 

They respond to another attempted car jacking and see three teenagers beating up yet another man. 

A chase ensues, but they lose them. 

Voight doesn't think this is a regular carjacking because you don't need a getaway car for that. Further evidence from the SUV reveals that the kids are prostitutes robbing their john's. 

They hit up a corner popular for "hooking" and pinpoint one of the teens, Miguel Reyes. 

When he notices Burgess, he makes a break for it, but they're able to surround him. 

Reyes refuses to say anything or give up his family.

Burgess suggests letting him go because he'll be able to lead them back to the only people he trusts. 

When they finally locate Miguel again, he's covered in blood. He leads them to the house that they've been crashing at where they find Lily beaten to a pulp. 

He informs them that they were too spooked to rob again so they were going to try to get some cash the old school way, but when she refused, the john beat her. 

They take Lily to surgery and Miguel back into custody. Shortly after, they find the john, Robert, beaten to death. 

He still refuses to give up the other two teens who made a break for it. 

Voight suggests pressing charges and scaring Miguel into talking. Burgess hates that these kids are doing this as a means to survive and the only support from the system is the threat of going to jail. 

As she looks through one of their dream books, she realizes that they were planning on going to Atlanta. 

She has a sit down with Miguel again and shows him the book. Inside, there's a note that encourages him to tell her they were going to Iowa. 

Miguel does as the note states. 

Burgess also pays Kathy, Makayla's guardian, a visit to offer support. 

Kathy isn't pleased with Burgess' visit and informs her that she cannot be a mom to her. 

She then tells her to get out of her house and files a complaint with DCFS.

Alanah is upset with Burgess for overstepping. She informs her that Kathy has been struggling with mental issues and cannot take care of the girl. 

Burgess offers to take her in. Alanah informs her that it's a big decision and points out some of the differences between them -- Alanah has trauma and is Black, Kim is a single white cop. 

Burgess seeks advice from Kevin, who informs her that he thinks she'd be a great foster mom. 

Burgess later informs Ruzek, who is a little hesitant and thinks she's doing this to replace the baby they lost. 

She tells him that she feels a connection to Makayla. 

Later that evening, Alanah reconnects Makayla and Burgess. When Burgess suggests Makayla goes home with her so they can be a family, the little girl is thrilled. 

They drive off to start their new life together.

Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 8 Episode 5 Quotes

Burgess: Don't we know better than this?
Ruzek: Do we?
Burgess: If not, we might be insane.

Burgess: So is this part of our relationship now? We're accepting that every six months or so, we sleep together?
Ruzek: It'd be real alright with me. Or we could try the version where we sleep together on the regular.
Burgess: What version is that?
Ruzek: That would be called dating. We already act like a couple. Is it so crazy that we try again?
Burgess: Yup.
Ruzek: Why?
Burgess: Because, uh, I think I know what I want now.
Ruzek: Fine.
Burgess: I want all of it, Adam. I want the proposal. I want getting married in some bad banquet hall, I want to have babies, I want the job, I want the mess. I want the whole thing.
Ruzek: Kay.
Burgess: Still want to talk to me about dating?
Ruzek: Yes.