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All of Intelligence must complete a survey so that the CPD can wield out "future problems" within the department. 

None of them are particularly pleased with the process except for Atwater who explains that if this could prevent innocent deaths in the future, he's fine doing it. 

They get called in to watch a video of a white cop shoot an innocent Black man. The man died after bleeding out on the pavement. 

Samantha Miller asks Voight to send two of his officers to arrest David Whelan, the officer who fired the shot. Voight is hesitant about getting involved but informs Ruzek and Atwater that they are "just Uber" and need to stay removed from the situation. 

The duo reluctantly agrees and arrests Whelan in his home. 

When they exit, there's a mob of protestors already swarming the house. 

While en-route to the precinct, they get a call that the video has gone viral and there are unruly crowds everywhere, which can be dangerous and pose a threat to someone like Whelan. 

They're ordered to bring him to a safe house while CPD clears the area. 

At the safe house, Whelan assures both Ruzek and Atwater that he's innocent and that the shoot was warranted because he was afraid for his life. 

He tells them to watch the video again, which doesn't sway their opinion. He clearly killed a man for no reason. 

Gunshots erupt throughout the house as they scramble to get out of there after being made. 

Assuming that this may have been an inside job by the CPD, Atwater and Ruzek decide to go off-book and take Whelan somewhere remote until everything blows over. 

Voight and Miller agree. 

At their secret location, Whelan continues to explain that he didn't do anything wrong, which leads to several confrontations between him and Atwater. 

Eventually, Atwater and Ruzek get into it.

After Atwater confronts Whelan once again and shows him the video, Whelan believes it's been altered because he could swear that Duncan moved and reached for his weapon when he shot him.

Meanwhile, Intelligence determines that the leak did not come from inside. 

They identify one of the shooters and connect him to TJ Jones, half brother of Jeff Duncan, the victim in the shooting. 

They bring in TJ for questioning, but he swears that he's not involved. 

Intelligence cross-references phone numbers and pinpoints the second shooter, a man who is too far gone and bleeding out in his home.

They clear Ruzek and Atwater to leave their remote location before realizing that there's a third shooter at large. 

The shooter knows their location because Atwater and Ruzek's undercover car was bugged. 

A shootout ensues with Ruzek and Atwater trying to protect Whelan from TJ. 

Whelan informs Atwater that he was right -- he was scared of a Black man and shot him without any reason. He tells them to leave him behind so he can face his punishment. Atwater doesn't want to allow it, but Whelan runs out and gets pumped with bullets. 

Intelligence and backup arrive as Ruzek knocks out TJ. 

Atwater tries to revive Whelan as death is the easy way out, but it's too late -- Whelan is dead.

After the day they've had, Voight takes Ruzek and Atwater out for drinks. Ruzek and Atwater get the results of their "test," which reveals they may be problematic in the future, but Voight informs them that Whelan passed the test with flying colors. 

Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 8 Episode 8 Quotes

I get the intention, it just, I don’t know, seems a bit overzealous, right? I’m just saying, you don’t punish the many to get to the few. Grill good cops looking for cops that ain’t there.


Whelan: I’m not the criminal here.
Atwater: No? Who is? The 19-year-old Black kid you shot down?
Whelan: I defended myself.
Atwater: From a college student?
Whelan: I had the right to defend my life.
Atwater: From what?
Ruzek: Kev, don’t.
Atwater: No, from what? I just watched the video you told me to. You murdered a kid and you’re going to stand here in front of me and defend yourself?
Ruzek: Just let it go.
Atwater: Just let it go? He’s standing in front of you too.
Ruzek: All I’m saying is we might be here awhile. None of this is helping. All I’m saying.