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  • Kevin meets someone at the bar when he's out and they hit it off. He ends up going home with her. 
  • On his way from her home, he shows up at the scen of a  shooting at a drive thru. 
  • They assume that it was a gang shooting because of one of the victims, wiggins but he was out of teh gang after finding God.
  • Kevin's one night stand Celeste is connected to the case so Ruzek goes to talk to her to preserve Atwater's cover.
  • Celeste's kids at her art program were involved in the shooting. Ruzek and Burgess go speak to her.
  • Voight and Hailey interrogate Celeste but she still won't identify anyone.
  • Kevin offers to work Celeste for information. 
  • Kevin and Celeste connect and talk. They get a lead when she takes Kevin to meet Louis, the kid who was there when the shootings happened. The rest of the unit tracks them down. 
  • Celeste wants to know how to help Louis and Kevin cuts his recording. They storm the place and arrest everyone and Celeste apologizes to Kevin
  • Kevin tells Louis just what to say to manage things and they get enough information to bust Hubbard who made the kids shoot.
  • They're charging Louis as an adult when they have texts saying that he knew where he was going before the shooting and the lawyer said he lied to Kevin.
  • They transport Louis to jail and he says that he lied to Kevin and din't dump the gun. Eric, the boy's friend shoots and kills him. 
  • kevin figures out where the gun is and uses that to bring Hubbard in and get him locked away when his prints are on them. 
  • Kevin goes to speak to Celeste intent on telling her the truth, but she talks about cops and how awful they are including the black ones, so he doesn't.
Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 5 Quotes

I swear people forget how hard it hurts to not have a place to feel seen.


Ruzek: How did you manage to avoid telling her you're CPD?
Atwater: It just felt good to be the dude at the bar she met and not the black cop. I didn't have to defend my job or my blackness.