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  • It's a montage of sleepless nights where Hailey is having a hard time sleeping and thinking about what happened.
  • Hailey shows up at the precinct and Ruzek is there doing some work. They hear something over the radio and catch a case. They roll up at the crime scene, something Ruzek called the Death House growing up. An Urban Legend house.
  • When they arrive at the scene, an officer is getting sick. They head down into a cellar and see it's where a little kid was held captive.
  • they talk to the people in the neighborhood and get a lead that the little kid ran into someone's shed. Hailey finds an 9 year old boy named Christopher who is injured and scared. They learn that he was taken eight months ago and likely held captive and abused for eight months.
  • Hailey and Burgess go talk to Christian in hopes of him identifying who took him.
  • He shares that the man who took him had a new boy.
  • They head to the quarry Christian said the man would take him to and find bodies in the water.
  • They find  multiple bodies of young boys and the feds take over while they investigate the serial killer.
  • Hailey is tasked with talking to the man, John, whose firm owned the building. When Hailey tells him what happend and leavs him, she returns to see he's cut his wrists and wants to die.
  • Hailey is still out of it from not getting sleep and Jay was  worried about her.
  • Hailey has a panic attack and Jay helps her. She starts talking about killing someone and not being able to live with it.
  • She stops when Voight appears. But Jay notices the shift.
  • They found out that John's brother is a pedophile and he likely knew what his brother was doing which is why he tried to kill himself.
  • Jay asks Hailey about what is happening between her and Voight because she hasn't been herself since the night she proposed.
  • they search Bradley's house and sees evidence of him messing with little boys
  • Hailey searches one of the properties and finds blood trails. The comms aren't working. It leads to another little boy who she offers help to before Bradley attacks her. She shoots and kills him after a fight.
  • Voight checks in with Hailey and tells her that it was a close call earlier.
  • Jay notices it.
  • Jay uses the server to track Voight and find out where h was the night they found Kim. He meets Voight out thre. Voight tells him what happened and Jay is irate or Voight putting Hailey in that position. He punches Voight. He heads home to face Hailey who figures out that he must know the truth.
Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 4 Quotes

Christian: He was going to take me to the dark water.
Hailey: What dark water?
Christian: I knew he was going to take me to the dark water. I had to run or else he'd take me.

I can't live with it. I can't. I killed him, and it's destroying me.