Happy Sweet Sixteen, Sabrina - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
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Father Blackwood allows Ambrose to attend the academy despite his sentence, and he obtains his own familiar, a mouse called Leviathian. This makes Ambrose happy because he gets to spend time with Luke and have some purpose.

Agatha becomes sick and begins coughing up dirt as a result of the ritual. Ambrose finds out that Sabrina lied and tells her to admit to it with their aunts. She refuses but they find out anyway, with Hilda telling Ambrose that Agatha was never meant to be brought back to life.

Zelda is angry with Sabrina and refuses to help her anymore.

Roz has another vision, of dogs tearing Tommy apart.

Sabrina discovers that Tommy's soul is in limbo. She wants to go save his soul which Zelda says will make things work but she refuses to listen. Harvey worries for his brother as he is not what he was before the mine collapse. Sabrina travels to mortal limbo with the help of Madam Satan where she briefly encounters her mother's soul before finding Tommy.

However, she is unsuccessful at bringing him back as he is eaten by the soul eater.

Meanwhile, Susie has been communicating in secret with her ancestor, Dorothea, who asks if the Spellmans are still witches.

Later, Sabrina finally tells Harvey that she is a witch and that she needs to kill Tommy, but Harvey chooses to do it and ends his relationship with Sabrina. She returns home where Zelda is waiting to comfort her. 

Madam Satan awakens the witches that were killed in Greendale, setting up havoc. 

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

There’s no fixing it, Sabrina. You’ve opened Pandora’s Box.

Aunt Hilda

The witches are coming.