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When Chuck sabotages the mission of a Chinese spy, Mei-Ling Cho, who was trying to save her kidnapped brother, Sarah and Casey refuse to help Chuck fix his mistake.  However, when Mei-Ling forces Chuck to help, Sarah and Casey join under the condition she defect from her spy organization.

Meanwhile, Morgan is forced into a sales competition at the Buy More that could cost him his job.  However, he eventually finds out it was just a ploy to make the sales team work harder.

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Chuck Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Ellie: Chuck's not here, Morgan.
Morgan: My four favorite words.
Ellie [after Morgan sites next to her]: Get out.
Morgan: Not favorites, but at least we're dialoguing.
Ellie: He's on a date with Sarah. I'll tell him you stopped by.
Morgan: I would appreciate that. He's supposed to be helping me right now. If I don't become a better salesman by tomorrow night, I could get fired. Although, I guess I could just crash here until I land on my feet.
Ellie: As inspired as that makes me to help you, I would rather just change the locks.
Morgan: I'll let myself out.
Ellie: Now my four favorite words

Chuck: My first stake out. Okay, okay. Yeah. What do I need to bring? Sweater? Light jacket?
Casey: You just bring that computer in your head.
Chuck: Okay, you know what, I have a lot more to offer this team other than the intersect. For instance, what are we doing for tunes tonight? I could make a stakeout mix