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With Chuck's dad still being held captive and with the CIA unable to torture under the new administration, Chuck presents their only option for finding his father's location.. talking to his ex, Jill.  In exchange for a deal to get her out, she tells him about an agent that might have the info... her "Uncle" Bernie.  The only way to get him to come without bodyguards is a famiy function so Chuck and Jill fake an engagement party, which he attends.  While there, Bernie ends up trying to kill them but after chasing them around the house, he corners them alone in the attic.  Chuck employs the Morgan (a defensive stance invented by his friend) and he dies of a heart attack.  They take him back to castle and from a phone call to Bernie's cell phone that Chuck answers, they find out his father is being moved to an office building that's a front for Fulcrum.

Jill offers to help and they bring her along.  Jill manages to get Chuck and Casey in but they're caught when Fulcrum identifies their faces via a security system.  Jill and Sarah go in rescue Chuck and Casey and there ends up being a giant shoot out while Chuck stays behind to hack a computer to find his dad's location.  When a Fulcrum agent comes in, Chuck pulls the Morgan again and sends the agent out the window.  He attempts to save the guy and the agent even agrees to reveal the location, but when his jacket sleaves tears, he drops to the his death.  That's two kills from the Morgan.  Jill pulls Chuck back up and takes him to the room where she overhead his dad was.

When they arrive, Chuck's dad is gone, but Jill tells him about another location she heard they were moving him to.  Chuck flashes and knows when they're going.  He feels he can trust Jill now and tells her there never was a deal.  He cuts her free and gives her the expensive engagement ring from their fake engagement so she's have some money.  Back at Castle, Beckman is infuriated and shuts down the operation.  She tells Sarah to lie to Chuck and say they rescued his father and to return to Castle, where Casey can capture him and put him underground.  Sarah initially goes out to lie to Chuck, but ends up telling him the truth on going on the run with him... disobeying orders and commiting treason.

Meanwhile, at the Buy More, Emmett tells the gang about a corporate evaluation that's coming up. Though they initially all plan to monkey around to get him fired, Emmet makes a deal with Morgan... if they act good, Emmet will get promoted and leave the store.  Morgan gets them to do it and Emmet even gets him to record Big Mike saying how great Emmet is and then leave on a fishing trip.  It turns out the corporate evaluation was for Big Mike and when he's not around for the evaluator, he loses his job to Emmet.

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Chuck Season 2 Episode 20 Quotes

Casey: What do you call your move anyway
Chuck: What movie?
Casey: The girlie pose I saw you... what do you call that?
Chuck: The morgan
Sarah: The morgan?
Chuck: He invented in high school when girls were beating him up. You kinda duck a little bit.. protect the important.. face.. [points to private parts]

Congratulations, you now qualify for conjugal visits

Casey [to Chuck about marrying Jill]