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After returning from am mission where they actually had to plumb, Chuck continues to do his own investigation of Orion and suddenly sees his webcam turn on for no reason.  Over in Hong Kong, a man sits at his desk looking at Chuck suddenly hears radio talk and cuts off the connection to Chuck.  A group of Fulcrum agents including Vincent (Arnold Vosloo), come storming into the room.  Just as Vincent radios to Fulcrum, the room blows up.

The next day, the Buy More has been toilet papered by employees from the rival Beverly Hills store led by their manager, Barclay (Matt Winston).  Big Mike thinks it's because they're getting a powerful new gaming laptop first.  At the nerd herd desk, Chuck again gets contacted by Orion by computer.  Orion tells him he'll be sending him a secure computer.  Chuck tells Sarah and they head to the bunker where they admit to Beckman that Chuck did his own automated web search.  Beckman wants the laptop confisicated when it arrives.  Meanwhile, the laptop arrives and Lester signs for it thinking it's the new gaming laptop.

Jeff, Lester and Morgan begin to play with the laptop in Jeff's office (in a bathroom stall), and thinking they're running a simulator game end up sending a unmanned aircraft (a Predator drone) to blow up the Buy More.  When Casey sees this in the bunker, he alerts Sarah and Chuck a predator is coming right for them.  Chuck runs to stop th eguys who have already switched the predator to head to their rival Buy More.  Chuck manages to get to the laptop and stop it just in time.  Big Mike sees the group with the laptop and confiscates it and sets Emmett in charge of guarding it.  Both Jeff and Lester and Sarah, Chuck and Casey plan to break in and steal the laptop that night with their own groups.  Meanwhile, Vincent survived the bombing and is planning his own attempt to steal it, with or without Fulcrum's permission.

That night all three groups end up breaking in and after a comical set of events, Casey ends up punching Emmett. just as Chuck grabs the laptop, Vincent steals it.   On Vincent's way out, Casey catches him and he ends up taking a cyanide pill.  Big Mike, while sleeping with Morgan's mom, hears there's been a break in from Emmett and the two of them mead in together.  They end up teaming up with a freshly maced Jeff and Lester and going to get revenge on the Beverly Hills Buy More, which they believe is responsible.  Emmett gets first shot because he was punched and ends up knocking over most of their merchandise.  The Beverly Hills store is about to call the police when Big Mike just convinces them that's not the Buy More way.  The rivarly is still on.

Meanwhile, back in the bunker, Beckman tells Chuck that the man who sent the computer wasn't Orion but a Fulmcrum trap and she's coming in personally to ocersee the mission.  Sarah and Casey put Chuck in his room as they talk to Beckman, and while there Orion calls Chuck and helps him escape to retrieve the computer from the bunker.  Once there, Orion shows him the conversation that Beckman is having about him and she admits she doesn't want Chuck to ever meet Orion.  Orion gives him a location to meet him and out of nowhere Vincent wakes up, unzips his body bag, and holds Chuck at gun point.  On his way out, Chuck makes sure to point the laptop with the location they're going to a camera. 

Chuck is then being held at gunpoint at the location by a hidden Vincent as Orion arrives.  Once Vincent knows who he is, he sends a team of Fulcrum agents to get him.  Vincent is about to shoot Chuck when Casey and Sarah show up and shoot Vincent.  Chuck heads up to the roof to stop them from getting away with Orion but he ends up ordering a predator drone to take out the helicopter he's in to stop Fulcrum from getting their hands on him.  That night, Beckman admits to him the entire battle between Fulcrum and them rests on his shoulders and she doesn't want the Intersect out of his head.  Oh and she plans on training him to be a full fledged agent! Chuck then finds a bunch of Intersect plans and a CD left for him by Orion at home.  He begins to study them.

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Chuck Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

(Chuck watches surveillance of Sarah, Casey and General Beckman)
Chuck: Wow. Beckman is tiny.
Sarah: General, what if Orion can help Chuck remove the Intersect? Erase it from his mind?
Chuck: Yeah, yeah. Good question, Sarah.
Beckman: That's exactly what I don't want. Chuck Bartowski is absolutely vital to national security. He can never meet Orion.

This disc will self-destruct in five seconds. I've always wanted to say that.