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Valentine's Day was in the air on last night's Chuck as Chuck and Sarah spent the night in together to keep up their fake relationship.  However, both of them seemed happy to have their awkward date interrupted by their next mission: head to the suburbs and pretend to be a married couple to find the fulcrum agent working there.  When they arrive there, Chuck and Sarah host a BBQ where they meet the neighbors including ones played by guest stars Jenny McCarthy (Sylvia) and Andy Richter.  Sylvia enters cougar mode and tries to seduce Chuck at the party.

Once Casey (dressed as a cable man) discovers a bug in the house with finger prints from Sylvia's husband, the General sends Chuck in to sleep with the cougar to try and out the fulcrum agent.  While inside, Chuck escapes from being handcuffed from the bed and finds a computer where he types in the password (given to us by a crazy person at the beginning of the episode) and gets flashes similiar to the Intersect and ends up passing out.

We soon find out the whole neighborhood is Fulcrum and they also capture Casey and Sarah.  With all three trapped, they reveal they are working on a Dark Intersect and want to fully test it on Chuck since he survived the initial interaction.  After Chuck survives it, they go to test it on Sarah.  Casey breaks free from his handcuffs by breaking his own bone and then sneaks into the room where he puts on glasses to block the images and sets off the Dark Intersect program on the Fulcrum agents.  Luckily, Chuck gets Sarah to close her eyes a la Raiders of the Lost Arc as they avoid the Intersect.

We find out things are about to get a lot more serious for the crew now that Fulcrum is building a Dark Intersect.  Sarah switches from being all Martha Stewart to a hard ass again as she makes Chuck hand in his wedding band and turns down his offer to spend another nigth in suburbia together.  Chuck then tells Ellie that things will never go any further than they currently are with Sarah.  Aww.

Meanwhile, at the Buy More, Big Mike is served divorce papers from his wife on Valentine's Day.  With the help of Lester, Jeff and Morgan, Mike finds himself on an online dating site under the name Lando Calrissian.  Mike goes on a date with a woman who he lies to in order to get some.  He invites her into the store the next day to reveal he's a manager of a Buy More and not a captain.  When she comes in, she accepts him and revels her secret... she has a son that works at the Buy More... Morgan!  Big Mike totally slept with Morgan's mom.  Awesome.

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Chuck Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Lester: Hey! How was the big date?
Big Mike: Gentlemen. It was a night of exquisite passion. I did things with that woman I didn't even know existed, which are likely illegal.
Lester: Yes! So you took our advice?
Big Mike: I lied my ass off.

Chuck: Are you enjoying this whole Martha Stewart thing? (laughs) I can't believe it. Please tell me you're not going soft on me.
Sarah: Just shut up and eat your breakfast.
Chuck: You better be careful, Sarah. One day, you might actually turn into a real girl.