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Chuck has to protect a rock star in this 3D episode special.

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Chuck Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

(Casey and Chuck rush to the back of the store, knocking over a cardboard cutout in their way.)
Lester: Hey that's my Tyler Martin display! He is a hero of mine, John--
(Casey shoves Lester into the refrigerator he's showing a customer)
Chuck: Sorry Lester, emergency!
Lester: (muffled) 'Tsalright.
(Chuck slams the door)

Big Mike: Where's my boy Butterman?
Morgan: Um, he kinda took off suddenly.
Big Mike: Hmm. Can't blame him. A man's gotta run free after being locked up for so long.
Morgan: Yeah, Uummmm...Big Mike, you mind if I ask you what Butterman was in the can for? Are we talking robbery? Drugs? MURDER?
Big Mike: Butterman?
Morgan: Yeah.
Big Mike: God no! Bank fraud - insider trading. The man's a white collar criminal. Why, he take you fools for some money?
Morgan: (nodding) He said he was going somewhere.
Big Mike: Zihuatanejo? (Morgan looks away) Hehe. That's Mexican for Philadelphia. HAHAHAHA.
Morgan: I knew I should've learned Spanish.