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Sydney (Angie Harmon) has Awesome up on top of a building after he was kidnapped last epiosde.  Sydney sticks a self-destructible ear piece on Awesome, gives him a ring phone, and sticks him on a mission to break into a building and go the twelfth floor penthouse.  When Devon can't even get past the first security guard, Chuck comes in and helps him make his way to the top.  Once at the penthouse, Sydney tells Devon to kill the man in there, Daniel Shaw (Brandon Routh).  Shaw gives Chuck the gun, takes a pill, and when Chuck refuses to shoot him, he takes back the gun, hands Chuck a note, and shoots himself.  Chuck hands the gun to Devon and hides for Sydney's arrival.  Sydney takes off the ear piece and leaves and Chuck reads the note with instructions on how to bring Shaw back to life.

With Shaw back at Castle, Beckman reveals that Shaw is now in charge of the mission.  Shaw gives some generic speech about how Chuck let's his attachments towards his family get in the way and insists Devon continue to do spy work for Sydney.  To try and rescue Devon from the alternate life, Chuck takes the ring phone from Devon, reprograms it, and contacts Sydney and tells her to come to the Buy More.  When she arrives with goons, Chuck tries to contact Sarah and Casey to help, but Shaw refuses to let them go.  After Chuck runs and hides in the cage, Casey and Sarah ignore Shaw and come to help.  Chuck ends up chasing Sydney and when he's unable to shoot, Shaw appears from behind and shoot Sydney.

At the end, everyone gets together at Chuck's house for dinner, as Shaw watches on in jealous and takes out a wedding ring he puts on.

At the Buy More, Big Mike promotes Morgan to be the assistant manager.  Meanwhile, Lester asks Chuck a theoretical fight question and Chuck has an Intersect knee jerk reaction and kicks Lester in the face.  With the taste of pain, Lester ends up starting a fight club that gets out of control.  Big Mike tells Morgan he needs to get the Buy More under control.  He ends up threatening to fire Lester in order to stop the fight club.

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Chuck Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Lester: I wanted to thank you Chuck, you made me feel something I haven't felt in a long time...
Morgan: Another human's foot on your body?

Awesome: She knows everything about me.
Sarah: Except which member of the family is a spy.
Casey: That's an understandable mistake. One of them looks like a spy and the other one looks like Chuck.

Chuck Season 3 Episode 4 Music

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Got nuffin Got Nuffin Spoon iTunes
Bears Bears Sam Isaac iTunes
Space monkeys Space Monkeys Dust Brothers iTunes