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When Chuck arrives in Washington to report Beckman, he uwittingly walks right past a ring operative who breaks into the headquarters to recover a tracking advice from Hunter.  In Chuck's meeting, Beckman informs Chuck he'll be bring a team with him for Rome.  When he tells her he's not ready, she gives him a week vacation wherever he wants to think about it.  He chooses to return to Burbank to win back Sarah.

When Awesome wants to go to Africa with Ellie, and Morgan and Casey want to follow Chuck to Rome as members of his team, the three of them team up to help Chuck with Sarah back.  They steal Lester's stalking van and take Chuck on a mission to crash Shaw and Sarah's date.  Morgan draws Shaw outside via a phone call to distract him, and they end up getting cornered by ring operatives that want to take Shaw in.  Devon ends up saving Shaw by tackling him inside the restaurant.  Chuck, meanwhile, inside, pours his heart out to Sarah, but doesn't quite win her over.

At home, Ellie convinces Chuck he didn't go far enough.  Chuck visits Sarah, who tells him Shaw has turned himself in to the Ring in order to track his location and order an air strike.  Chuck, knowing how much Shaw means to Sarah, goes to rescue Shaw.  Shaw's tracking device is removed, but luckily Jeff and Lester, desperare to prove their worth as stalkers, have been tailing Sarah's "new stallion."  Far underground, Shaw is shown video footage by the Ring of Sarah killing his wife.  After an intense mission, Chuck makes it out with a passed out Shaw.

Back at Castle, Chuck tells Sarah he loves her, kisses her, and tells her they should give up the spy life and meet at the train station tomorrow.  But it's really Casey, who shows up at Sarah's apartment and tells her Chuck never killed the mole, he did, that won her over.  Just as she's packed and prepared to meet him, Shaw, with his wedding ring back on, picks up Sarah for "an emergency mission."

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Chuck Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Morgan: Is that what they teach you in the marines, roll over and die?
Casey: This isn't exactly combat, Morgan.
Morgan: That's where you're wrong, Casey, because love... love is a battlefield.

Receptionist: So where will we me sending you, Mr. Bartowski? Bali, Bora Bora?
Chuck: Burbank. Bob Hope airport to be exact.
Receptionist: I see, and will you be requiring a companion ticket?
Chuck: No thanks, she's still there.

Chuck Season 3 Episode 12 Music

  Song Artist
At the checkout counter At The Checkout Counter Billy Martin iTunes
Down river Down River The Temper Trap iTunes