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With Chuck still unable to flash, Casey, Shaw and Sarah depart to a resort on their latest mission with the latter two acting as a married couple.  Their mission is to spy on a man wearing a blue and white bathing suit... which turns out to be Awesome, who's vacationing with Ellie to get away from Chuck's spy life.  The gang realizes they've been duped and rush back to Castle to...

Meanwhile, back at the Buy More, Big Mike informs everyone that a big company is looking to purchase their store and needs to do a little investigative work, including interviewing all the current staff.  After interviewing Chuck, we find out the interviewers are actually Ring agents.  While doing spy work, Lester overhears them discussing terminating everyone and assumes they mean fire.  Lester tells Big Mike, who organizes a revolt to lock everyone in.

Meanwhile, Morgan doing actual useful spywork overhears the Ring's plan to steal all of the CIA's information from the ring.  He tells Chuck that he wants to save the world and needs his help.  Chuck, knowing Casey and crew are on their way back, tries to talk Morgan out of it, but it's impossible.  The kid heads in with Chuck and they immediately get taken hostage.

While down below and about to be tortured, Chuck confesses he's a spy in front of Morgan.  Morgan helps Chuck come to terms with his feeling over his beard (Sarah), and suddenly he's able to flash in time to beat up the bad guys before Shaw gives Langdon the orders to blow up Castle.  All is saved.  Except for the fact the Ring seems to know Colonel Casey a little too well.  That's to be continued next week.

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Chuck Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Chuck: You're firing me from the Buy More?
Morgan: You kidding me? You're the best nerd herder we got. I'm firing you as my best friend.

I'm not a machine! Okay I am a machine, but I'm also a person.